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Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers in Southern California—b, Page 3

Letters About Another Place

Sanitarium, Cal.,

April 12, 1905.

Dear Brother Burden,

I hear that plans are being laid for Elder W. W. Simpson to leave Southern California to labor elsewhere. If Elder Simpson feels it his duty to go, I have nothing to say against it, but I had hoped to see him extend his work from Los Angeles to Redlands and Riverside. The condition of Brother Simpson's health is such that great care must be exercised in regard to the location of his field of labor. He should have suitable help that he may be relieved from the burden of speaking so frequently.

Redlands and Riverside have been presented to me as places that should be worked. These two places should not longer be neglected. I hope soon to see an earnest effort put forth in their behalf. Please consider the advisability of establishing a sanitarium in the vicinity of these cities with treatment rooms in each place to act as feeders to the sanitarium.

We can not afford to allow these places to go unwarned. Instead of Elder Simpson's going somewhere else to labor, would it not be better to put forth a determined effort to strengthen the work in these places? There are other cities in Southern California in which a work similar to that carried on by Elder Simpson should be conducted. The Lord would have His ministers working zealously for those who have never heard the truth.

Our people in Southern California need to awake to the magnitude of the work to be done within their own borders. Let them awake to prayer and labor. Let them manifest more spiritual vitality. They need a new conversion that they may labor untiringly for souls. Wherever there is spiritual life there will be an imparting as well as a receiving of light and blessing. The nourishment from God's word will be received, and earnest work will be done. The act of imparting keeps open the channel for receiving. This truth our Saviour ever sought to keep before the people.

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