Ellen G. White Writings

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Letters From Ellen G. White To Sanitarium Workers in Southern California—c, Page 16

From the light given me when I was in Australia, and renewed since I came to America, I know that our work in Southern California must advance more rapidly. The people flocking to that place in search of health must hear the last message of mercy.

For years the work in Southern California has needed help, and we now call upon our brethren and sisters who have means to spare to put it into circulation, that we may secure the places so well suited for our work.

God has not been pleased with the way in which this field has been neglected. From many places in Southern California the light is to shine forth to the multitudes. Present truth is to be as a city set on an hill, which can not be hid.

The Paradise Valley Sanitarium

[From The Review and Herald, March 16, 1905.]

During the spring of 1902, the attention of several of our brethren was called to the Paradise Valley Sanitarium building, which was erected for a sanitarium by Mrs. Mary L. Potts about twenty years ago. After being used for a few months, it lay idle for many years, and was then offered for sale at twenty thousand dollars, with encouragement that it might be purchased for fifteen thousand dollars cash.

In September, 1902, after the Los Angeles camp-meeting, we spent a week in San Diego, and visited several places that were offered us for sanitarium work. In the building offered us by Mrs. Potts, it seemed to me we found about all that we could ask. Here was a well-constructed, three-story building of fifty rooms, with broad verandas, standing upon a pleasant rise of ground, and overlooking a beautiful valley. Many of the rooms are large and airy, and there is a stationary wash-bowl in most of the bedrooms.

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