Ellen G. White Writings

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Letters From Ellen G. White To Sanitarium Workers in Southern California—c, Page 25

The Glendale Sanitarium

Sanitarium, Cal.,

December 21, 1904.

We feel very grateful to God that our brethren and sisters in Southern California have secured a property near the city of Los Angeles, which is well adapted for sanitarium purposes. For a long time our people in that city have had messages from the Lord that there should be sanitariums near Los Angeles. For want of means the work has been delayed. But in September, a building at Glendale, nine miles from Los Angeles, was purchased, and is now being fitted up for work.

This building is a three-story structure, of seventy-five rooms. Many of these rooms are arranged in suites, a small one for a bedroom and a larger one for a sitting-room. Many of the rooms are very pleasant. There were two bathrooms on each floor, but they were not suitable for sanitarium work, and new treatment-rooms have been built.

This new sanitarium is beautifully situated. It is eight miles from Los Angeles, in a pleasant, fertile valley. On every hand may be seen orange and lemon groves. The institution is only two blocks from the Glendale post-office. It is in the country, and yet can be very easily reached from the city; for an electric car line from Los Angeles runs past the sanitarium grounds.

The building cost over forty thousand dollars, and the land is worth five thousand. Through the providence of God we were enabled to obtain it for twelve thousand five hundred dollars.

We hope that our people in Southern California will come heartily to the support of the Glendale Sanitarium, so providentially placed in our hands, and that it may be fully equipped to do its blessed work.

The Lord has not been honored or glorified by the past showing of the sanitarium work in Southern California. This work has been greatly hindered because men have relied upon human devising instead of following the Lord's leading.

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