Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to the Church Regarding our Youth Going to Battle Creek Obtain An Education, Page 11

The Work Before Us

[Address by Sister White to the General Conference in Oakland, Cal., published in theGeneral Conference Bulletin, April 7, 1903.]

I have been carrying a very heavy burden. For the last three nights I have slept very little. Many scenes are presented before me. I feel an intense interest in the advancement of the work of God, and I say to our leading brethren, As you consider the questions that shall come before you, you are to look beneath the surface. You are to give careful consideration to every question discussed.

There is need of means in foreign missionary work, and in missionary work in America. It is a painful fact that although we have had a special message for the world for so many years, there are many, many cities in which we have done nothing to proclaim this message. In the calamities that have befallen our institutions in Battle Creek, we have had—

An Admonition from God

Let us not pass this admonition carelessly by without trying to understand its meaning.... Why did the Lord permit Jerusalem to be destroyed by fire the first time? Why did he permit his people to be overcome by their enemies, and carried into heathen lands?—It was because they had failed to be his missionaries, and had built walls of division between themselves and the people round about them. The Lord scattered them, that the knowledge of his truth

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