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Testimonies to the Church Regarding our Youth Going to Battle Creek Obtain An Education, Page 16

The Work to Be Done In Battle Creek

Healdsburg, Cal.,

August 22, 1903.

To the Officers of the Union Conference, and the Managers of the Sanitarium.

Dear Brethren: My mind has been much troubled in regard to our youth being drawn to Battle Creek. Many helpers will be needed to care for the large number of patients coming to the Sanitarium. These helpers will meet with worldly influences. What can be done to save them from backsliding?

I am instructed to say that we are to do all in our power to guard the employees of the Sanitarium and the medical students from the temptations and snares of the enemy. As faithful watchmen, we must guard the sheep and lambs, lest they be led astray. We must improve every opportunity to present the true situation of our work before those who do not understand the dangers that beset us on every hand.

When the Lord warned His people against making Battle Creek a Jerusalem center, and said that plants should be made in many places, He meant just what He said. The large patronage of the Sanitarium is no sign that this institution should have been built up in its present magnificence. Even though it had many more patients, this would be no evidence in this matter.

It is God with whom we have to deal, and we are not to move in accordance with human policy or with man's short-sighted wisdom. The Lord is in earnest

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