Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to the Church Regarding our Youth Going to Battle Creek Obtain An Education, Page 26

When the Lord swept the large Sanitarium out of the way at Battle Creek, he did not design that it should ever be built there again. But in their blindness men went ahead and rebuilt the institution where it now stands. Years ago message after message was given, pointing out that the Sanitarium in Battle Creek was too large, that plants should be made in different places, that memorials should be established in many places, so that the light of present truth might shine forth. Had this counsel been heeded, the heavy responsibilities connected with the Battle Creek Sanitarium would not now exist. These responsibilities are a terrible burden. This institution should have been divided into several parts. But the light that had been given regarding this was not followed.

What are we to do in regard to this institution? We do not want to tear things to pieces. We must make the best of the situation. And the best thing for every one to do is to humble his soul before God. Let those who had no part in this movement unite with those who did act a part in it, in seeking the Lord's guidance. To those who took the responsibility on their own shoulders, we want to say, “God in his mercy, for the sake of his cause, for his name's glory, will pardon your transgressions and your mistakes, if you will be converted, if you will humble your hearts before him.” But to their associates who stand ready to plaster up the breach that has been made, by daubing it with untempered mortar, we say, Get out of the way; let God work upon your hearts; strive with all your might to bring the light of heaven upon your own souls.—Written in 1904.

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