Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to the Church Regarding our Youth Going to Battle Creek Obtain An Education, Page 35

To a Physician Bearing Large Responsibility

“Elmshaven,” Sanitarium, Cal.,

August 6, 1902.

My Dear Brother,

The Lord is our strength. Take hold of his strength, and make peace with him. In your human strength you are as liable as any other man to err in judgment. The Lord is merciful and gracious. He will give you wise counselors. If ever a man needed wise counselors, you need them,—men who will not receive your propositions or representations if they discern that they are not in harmony with the will of God, men who will not make things appear as they are not, who will abide by principles that will stand God's test. The Lord wants you to make straight paths for your feet, for the sake of your own soul's salvation, and to save other souls from following in false ways.

You regard too lightly the sacred truth for this time. You are not, in all things, walking in the light that God has sent you. Beware lest you confederate with unbelievers, accepting them as your counselors, and following their worldly policy; for this is dishonoring to God. The less you expect from the world, the less attention you pay to its flattery, the safer you will be and the surer of securing salvation. The less dependency you place in men who are wise in their own conceit, the better will be your standing before God. There is no safety in trusting in men who do not honor the Lord, who disregard his holy law. The less we expect of such men, whether

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