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Testimonies to the Church Regarding our Youth Going to Battle Creek Obtain An Education, Page 40

The Lord sees the work that must be done in his vineyard. He sees the places in which there should be memorials for him, in order that the truth may be represented. He sees the fields that are unworked and destitute of facilities. He requires from all who serve him equity and just judgment. A large amount of means should not be absorbed in one place. Every building erected is to be erected with reference to the other places that will need similar buildings. It will not be pleasing to God for you to bind about the work of establishing small sanitariums. In many places sanitariums are to be established. These sanitariums are not to be large. In a mammoth institution, such as the Battle Creek Sanitarium has been, it is difficult to maintain the high spiritual standard that should be maintained; for it is hard to provide workers enough who have capabilities and talents that enable them to conduct the affairs of the institution in a way that is after God's order. Let many small sanitariums be built. Let treatment-rooms be established in many cities. Let hygienic restaurants be started that people may learn what health reform really is.

God calls upon those who act a part in his service not to block the way of advance by selfishly using in one place or in one line of work all the means they can secure. In all parts of the world there is a work to be done that ought to have been done long ago. God forbid that you should make appeals to the people for means to complete the new Sanitarium in Battle Creek, when you already have many buildings in your possession, and when you have thousands of dollars in sight. Bring your building to your means. Give other parts of God's vineyard a chance to have facilities. Let plants be made in other cities. Ellen G. White.

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