Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church Containing Messages of Warning and Instruction to Seventh-day Adventists, Page 46

lawless, loveless, impolite. They could not be admitted into the family of heaven. The truth cherished in the heart will work out a blessed unity among Christ's disciples in the lower school of earth. The Lord is dishonored by the contention and strife caused by the unsanctified dispositions of professing Christians.

I have written out fully the instruction that I was commissioned to give. We are now to take our individual selves in hand, and conquer the wicked feelings that rise in our hearts. In allowing the venom of these feelings to flow forth in words, we help Satan in his work. Our church-members need a reconversion, a renewal of the Holy Spirit's power to make them children of God, members of His family. Let every one in our churches now humble his own heart, confess his own sins, and remember that God has a controversy with those who have kept the work from advancing, by their crooked characters, which need to be made all over again.

Chapter 11—A Great Opportunity Slighted

St. Helena, Cal.,

November 18, 1905.

God designed that the General Conference of 1901 should influence you [the leader of the medical work] to make a decided change in your life-purposes. The testimonies borne before vast numbers of people have as much of a bearing on your life as on any one else connected with the cause and work of God. There were things that you might have righted up on that occasion. These things were presented to me in the light in which heaven viewed them. But you did not change your sentiments. You did not humble your heart, and confess, and become converted. You did not make any radical change in your course of action. I was working hard to bring about an honest change

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