Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church Containing Messages of Warning and Instruction to Seventh-day Adventists, Page 55

differences of opinion, cherished and dwelt upon, are implanted in the minds of many.

The Lord can not with impunity allow men to carry on a work that creates variance and unbelief. But these evils will be repeated, unless the one who for years has been bearing the responsible position of physician-in-chief in our medical work, becomes a new man in Christ Jesus. God has given him many, many words of encouragement, as well as words of reproof; but the encouragement has all been given on condition that the man occupying so responsible a position as he has occupied, be changed in mind and judgment, becoming a Bible Christian in purpose and character. So long as he remains unconverted, there can not be brought about a blending of the missionary work of which he has been looked upon as the leader, with the gospel ministry. For years the Lord has instructed me that so long as his associates accept as genuine his representations, the medical missionary work will stand in need of a physician.

The spirit of contention that some have revealed, has greatly retarded the progress of the Lord's work. We are all to unify on the proper basis of unity. God has pointed out the results of certain actions that can never be sanctioned by His servants; and notwithstanding, these plain messages of warning and entreaty, the same acts of wrong-doing have been persistently repeated. This course can not long be passed over in silence; for I have been instructed by the Lord that the people have a right to know and understand that for the past twenty years God in His mercy has been giving to our physician-in-chief light that has never been given to the churches. This light has shone upon our brother's pathway, in order that he might be prevented from pursuing a course that God could not approve and bless.

Notwithstanding this light, the human agent has permitted the enemy to implant in his heart a spirit

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