Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church Containing Messages of Warning and Instruction to Seventh-day Adventists, Page 58

all power. We may be strengthened and confirmed in the past experience that holds us to the essential points of truth which have made us what we are,—Seventh -day Adventists.

The past fifty years have not dimmed one jot or principle of our faith as we received the great and wonderful evidences that were made certain to us in 1844, after the passing of the time. The languishing souls are to be confirmed and quickened according to His word. And many of the ministers of the gospel and the Lord's physicians will have their languishing souls quickened according to the word. Not a word is changed or denied. That which the Holy Spirit testified to as truth after the passing of the time, in our great disappointment, is the solid foundation of truth. Pillars of truth were revealed, and we accepted the foundation principles that have made us what we are—Seventh-day Adventists, keeping the commandments of God and having the faith of Jesus.

Have not the hearts of Christ's disciples burned within them as He has talked with us by the way and opened to us the Scriptures? Has not the Lord Jesus opened to us the Scriptures, and presented to us things kept secret from the foundation of the world? Some have heard the reading of the evidence of the binding claims of the law of God, and the enjoined obedience to His commandments, and have felt their characters to be in such contrast to the requirements that had they been placed in circumstances similar to Jehoiakim, king of Judah, they would have done as he did. A special message was sent to him to be read in his hearing, but after listening to three or four pages, he cut it out with a penknife, and cast it into the fire. But this could not destroy the message; for the word of God will never return unto Him void. The same Holy Spirit who had given the first testimony, which was refused and burned, came to the servant of God, who caused the first to be

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