Ellen G. White Writings

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Jehovah Is Our King, Page 12

Spirit descended upon the disciples, no man said that aught that he possessed was his own. All they owned was held for the advancement of the wonderful reformation. And thousands were converted in a day. When the same spirit actuates believers today, and they give back to God of His own with the same liberality, a wide and far-reaching work will be accomplished.

The Spirit of the Lord has been working with His people, and many have given liberally for the upbuilding of the kingdom of God in the earth. Brethren, let us take hold anew, holding ourselves and all that we have in readiness to meet the demands of the cause of God upon us.

Sanitarium, Cal.,

August 29, 1907.

Chapter 2—Jehovah Is Our King

God has revealed many things to me which He has bidden me give to His people by pen and voice. Through this message of the Holy Spirit, God's people are given sacred instruction concerning their duty to God and to their fellow-men.

A strange thing has come into our churches. Men who are placed in positions of responsibility that they may be wise helpers to their fellow-workers, have come to suppose that they were set as kings and rulers in the churches, to say to one brother, Do this, to another, Do that, and to another, Be sure to labor in such and such a way. There have been places where the workers have been told that if they did not follow the instruction of these men of responsibility, their pay from the conference would be withheld.

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