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Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers, Page 1

Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers

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“I have been instructed to say to our leading Sanitarium workers throughout our ranks: The work must move forward on a higher plane, and after a more sacred order than it has heretofore, if it is to accomplish all that God designs should be accomplished by it in our churches and for the world.”

E. G. White

To Ministers, Physicians, and Counsellors At Loma Linda:

Sanitarium, Cal.,

May 7, 1911.

I have words of instruction for you and your coworkers who are ministers and physicians and counselors at Loma Linda. During my visit to Southern California, light was given me that many of the leaders in our sanitariums were failing of meeting the requirements of God, and, more than this, they did not realize their lack. I was instructed that those who stand in positions of responsibility in these important institutions are engaged in a most sacred work, that they have little time in which to do the work committed to their trust, and that it was of the utmost importance that faithfulness and consecration mark their efforts in every line.

In a remarkable way God has brought into our possession some of the institutions through whose agency we are to accomplish the work of reformation to which as a people we are called. At this time every talent of every worker should be regarded as a sacred trust to be used in extending the work of reform.

The Lord instructed me that our sisters who have received a training that has fitted them for positions of responsibility are to serve with faithfulness and discernment in their calling, using their influence wisely, and, with their brethren in the faith, obtaining an experience that will fit them for still greater usefulness. The instruction of the apostle Peter, “Add to your faith virtue, and to virtue knowledge,” they are to bring into their individual experience, and this work of daily sanctification through cooperation with the Spirit of God, will develop their knowledge and capabilities.

In ancient times the Lord worked in a wonderful way through consecrated women who united in His work with men whom He had chosen to stand as His representatives. He used women to gain great and decisive victories. More than

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