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Letters from Ellen G. White to Sanitarium Workers, Page 11

received last night; but I will try to write in regard to it later. Once more I would say to you, Make every possible effort to overcome those defects of character that prevent you from reaching the highest standard. Seek for the cooperation of the Spirit of God in your lives, that right impressions may be made on those not of our faith. Let the grace of God come into your hearts that you may have the help of a power above yourselves. Thus you will be fitting yourselves for the future immortal life. The Lord will surely work with all who will work with Him, and who will daily seek to exert an influence that will lead souls to Christ.

Ellen G. White

The Work of Christian Physicians


June 3, 1907.

The physician stands in a difficult place. Strong temptations will come to him, and unless kept by the power of God, that which he hears and sees in his work will discourage his heart and pollute his soul. His thoughts should be constantly uplifted to God. This is his only safety.

Countless are the opportunities that a physician has for winning souls to God, for cheering the discouraged, and relieving the despair that comes to the soul when the body is tortured with pain.

But some who have chosen the medical profession are too easily led away from the duties resting upon the physician. Some by misuse enfeeble their powers, so that they can not render to God perfect service. They place themselves where they can not act with vigor, tact, and skill, and they do not realize that by disregard to physical laws, they bring upon themselves inefficiency, and thus they rob and dishonor God.

Physicians should not allow their attention to be diverted from their work; neither should they confine themselves so closely to professional work that health will be injured. In the fear of God they should be wise in the use of strength that

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