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The Unwise Use of Money and the Spirit of Speculation, Page 29

need to humble our hearts and purify our souls daily, learning at all times to walk by the faith of the Son of God.

My brethren and sisters, leave all minor tests that you may be tempted to make, and test your spirit by the witness of the word of God. Study that word, that you may know the character and will of God. It is positively essential that every believer make the truths of the Bible his guide and safeguard. To every young man and woman, and to those of advanced years, I testify that the study of the Word is the only safeguard for the soul who would remain steadfast unto the end.

Ellen G. White

Chapter 9—The Brethren Warned

Sanitarium, Cal.,

June 15, 1911.

To the Leading Men in Our California Conferences:

Instruction has been given, warning our people against uniting in the least degree with those who advocate false theories. He who allows his sympathies and interests to be enlisted in a work that is opposed to the teachings of the word of God, is on dangerous ground, where he is surrounded by the agencies of evil. Satan is working with great determination to introduce among God's peculiar people strange and forbidden things. Commercialism threatens to absorb energies and means that should be given to the work of God for this time. Of those who are advocating these enterprises, God declares,

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