Ellen G. White Writings

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The Spirit of Sacrifice, Page 29

increases our value in God's sight. It is the meek and the contrite that the Lord acknowledges and honors. Read the fifty-seventh chapter of Isaiah. Study this chapter carefully; for it means much to the people of God. I will make no comments upon it. If you will study it carefully and prayerfully, you will become wise unto salvation.... SpTB19 28.2

Intelligent, self-denying, self-sacrificing men are now needed,—men who realize the solemnity and importance of God's work, and who as Christian philanthropists will fulfil the commission of Christ. The medical missionary work given us to do means something to every one of us. It is a work of soul-saving; it is the proclamation of the gospel message. SpTB19 29.1

Chapter 9—Looking unto Jesus

[Unpublished Ms., August 15, 1902.] SpTB19 29

Last night I had a wonderful experience. I was in an assembly where questions were being asked and answered. I awoke at one o'clock, and arose. For a time I walked the room, praying most earnestly for clearness of mind, for strength of eyesight, and for strength, to write the things that must be written. I entreated the Lord to help me to bear a testimony that would awake His people before it is forever too late.... SpTB19 29.2

My soul was drawn out in the consideration of matters relating to the future carrying forward of God's work. Those who have had little experience in the beginning of the work often err in judgment in regard to how it should be advanced. They are tempted SpTB19 29.3

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