Ellen G. White Writings

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Special Testimonies On Education, Page 36

clouding the mind, it is unclean and defiling. Let every one resist the temptation to use wine, tobacco, flesh-meats, tea, or coffee. Experience has demonstrated that far better work can be accomplished without these harmful things.

Let it be deeply impressed on the minds of the young by both parents and teachers, that Christ has paid an infinite price for our redemption. He has left nothing undone that he might win us back to allegiance to God. He wants us to remember our royal birth and high destiny as sons and daughters of God, and have genuine respect for ourselves. He would have all our powers developed, and kept in the best possible condition, that he may fill us with his grace and use us in his service, making us co-workers with himself for the salvation of souls.

It is the duty of each student, of each individual, to do all in his power to present his body to Christ, a cleansed temple, physically perfect as well as morally free from defilement,—a fit abode for God's indwelling presence.

May 11, 1896.


Chapter 5—Manual Training

Life is not given to us to be spent in idleness or self-pleasing; but great possibilities have been placed before every one who will develop his God-given capabilities. For this reason the training of the young is a matter of the highest importance. Every child born into the home is a sacred trust. God says to the parents, Take this child, and bring it up for me, that it may be an honor to my name, and a channel through which my

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