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Special Testimonies On Education, Page 21

but they neglect the most wonderful Book that can give them the most correct ideas and ample understanding.

The Review and Herald, February 25, 1896.


Chapter 3—The True Higher Education

(Re-copied November 8, 1896.)

God is love. The evil that is in the world comes not from his hands, but from our great adversary, whose work it has ever been to deprave man, and enfeeble and pervert his faculties. But God has not left us in the ruin wrought by the fall. Every facility has been placed in reach by our Heavenly Father, that men may, through well-directed efforts, regain their first perfection, and stand complete in Christ. In this work God expects us to do our part. We are his—his purchased possession. The human family cost God and his Son Jesus Christ an infinite price.

The world's Redeemer, the only begotten Son of God, by his perfect obedience to the law, by his life and character, redeemed that which was lost in the fall, and made it possible for man to obey that holy law of righteousness which Adam transgressed. Christ did not exchange his divinity for humanity, but combined humanity with divinity; and in humanity he lived the law in behalf of the human family. The sins of every one who will receive Christ were set to his account, and he has fully satisfied the justice of God.

All the plan of redemption is expressed in these precious words: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever

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