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Special Testimonies On Education, Page 70

allowed to associate with either children or grown persons of evil tendencies. The eye needs to be educated, or the child will find pleasure in beholding evil. The tongue needs to be educated. Never let a word of disrespect to any one pass the lips of your children without plainly showing that you are grieved, and that other words of like character cannot be spoken in your household without correction. If children are not taught to love, respect, and obey their parents in the fear of the Lord, how can they be led to love God?

The little ones should be educated in childhood in childlike simplicity. They should be trained to be obedient, upright, and practical, doing their best in everything, and at the same time to be content with the small, helpful duties, and with the pleasures and experiences natural to their years. Childhood answers to the blade in the parable, and the blade has a beauty peculiarly its own. The children should not be forced into a precocious maturity, but should retain as long as possible the freshness and grace of their early years.

The parable of the sower and the seed conveys a deep spiritual lesson. The seed represents the principles sowed in the heart, and its growth the development of character. Make the teaching on this point practical. The children can prepare the soil, and sow the seed; and as they work, the parent or teacher can explain to them the garden of the heart with the good or bad seed sown there; and that as the garden must be prepared for the natural seed, so the heart must be prepared for the seed of truth. As the plant

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