Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimony for the Church. — No. 6, Page 48

love and choose the society of God's people above any other, and will lead them to be separate from those who have no love for spiritual things. Jesus demands a whole sacrifice, an entire consecration. C. and E., you have not realized that God requires your undivided affections. You love the society of the young who have no regard for the sacred truths which you profess. You have made a holy profession, yet you have sunk down to the dead level of ordinary professors. You have appeared like your associates, and have been contented with as much religion as will render you agreeable to all, without incurring the censure of any.

Christ demands all. If he required less, the sacrifice was too dear, too great to make to bring us up to such a level. Our holy faith cries out separation. We should not be conformed to the world, or to dead, heartless professors. But be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind. This is a self-denying way. And when you think the way is too straight; when you think that there is too much self-denial in this narrow path; when you say, How hard to give up all, ask yourselves the question, What did Christ give up for me?

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