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Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, Page 204

Chapter 29—Activity in Our Churches

[Special Testimonies, Series A 3:35-39 (1895).]

February 2, 1895.

The prevailing monotony of the religious round of service in our churches needs to be disturbed. The leaven of activity needs to be introduced that our church members may work along new lines, and devise new methods. The Holy Spirit's power will move upon hearts when this dead, lifeless monotony is broken up, and many will begin to work in earnest who never before thought of being anything but idle spectators. A working church on earth is connected with the working church above. God works, angels work, and men should work for the conversion of souls. Efforts should be made to do something while the day lasts, and the grace of God will be revealed that souls may be saved to Christ. Everywhere souls are perishing in their sins, and God is saying to every believing soul, Hasten to their help with the message that I shall give you.

Economy in the Home

The Lord has made men His agents, and with heart filled with the love of Jesus, they are to cooperate with Him in turning men from error to truth. God blesses the earth with sunshine and showers. He causes the earth to bring forth its plenteous treasures for the use of man. The Lord has made man His almoner to dispense His heavenly gifts by bringing souls to the truth. Will my brethren in America inquire how the precious, saving truth reached them when they were in darkness? Men and women brought their tithes and offerings unto God, and as means filled the treasury, men were sent out to advance the work.

This same process must be repeated if souls in darkness

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