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Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, Page 297

view of the universe of heaven. Let every man do his duty, as given him of God.

[For further study: Testimonies for the Church 2:503; 4:84-87, 413; 9:19-29, 281-284.]


Chapter 42—The Need of Divine Guidance

[Special Testimonies, Series A 6:56-60 (1896).]

Christiania, Norway,

October 1, 1885

Dear Brother -----,

I was more sorry than I can express to learn that under your instruction Brethren ----- and ----- sought to restrict the work at the ----- camp meeting. You could not have advised them to do a worse thing, and you should not have put a work into their hands that they were not fitted to do in a wise manner. Be careful how you repress advancing work in any locality. There is little enough being done in any place, and it certainly is not proper to seek to curtail operations in missionary lines.

After looking matters over carefully and prayerfully, I wrote as I did in my notes of travel. I wanted to leave the matter in such a shape as not to discourage the laborers in ----- in their effort to do something, although I desired to give them caution so that they would not make any extreme moves in their plans. The workers were doing well, and ought to have been encouraged and advised to go on with their work. There are men in ----- who should have helped them by making needed donations to invest in the cause. They will have to give to the work before they will grow in grace and the knowledge of the truth.

You and your workers should have looked at this

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