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Testimonies to Ministers and Gospel Workers, Page 327

different parts of the world to Battle Creek show the wisdom of men, and not the wisdom of God.

[For further study: Testimonies for the Church 4:309-312, 386, 387, 494; 5:409-411.]


Chapter 47—Conference Presidents

[Special Testimonies, Series A 8:11-15 (1897).]

August 2, 1896.

My attention has been called to the instruction the Lord has been pleased to give in Gospel Workers. I have arisen at three o'clock a.m., and have read the matter in the little book entitled Conference Presidents, page 232. The same things have been presented to me again and again. Will our brethren take heed to these things? Or will they turn aside from the light? The president of the General Conference should act upon the light given, not contrary to this light. If men close their eyes to the testimonies God has been pleased to give, and think it wisdom to walk in the light of the sparks of their own kindling, it will spoil the church. Such men are not qualified to become either ministers or presidents of conferences; they have not taken counsel from the Source of all wisdom.

He who is placed as a president of a conference must learn that the human heart is wayward, and that it needs to be strictly sentineled by watchfulness and prayer. As he seeks the Lord conscientiously and constantly, he is taught of God to grow into a representative man, and can be trusted as God trusted Abraham. He needs the whole armor of God; for he has to fight the good fight of faith, and having done all that the

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