Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies to Southern Africa, Page 77

Chapter 9—Counsel to a Missionary in Africa

Letter A

Maitland, N.S.W.

Nov. 9, 1899

Dear Brother_____,

...Every institution we establish, every sanatorium and publishing house and church, should bear the inscription, “To Him who hath loved us, and died for us, we dedicate this building, whose foundation and top stones were laid in His precious name.” Everything that is done in the furnishing of these buildings should be done with reference to economy. Tasteful, appropriate structures should be erected to give character to the work, but there should be no unnecessary outlay of means. God designs that the work of the ministry shall be regarded as sacred. It is not to be in any way demerited.

It is God's plan to work through His instrumentalities, His chosen earthen vessels, and men are honoured when He places them as His appointed messengers. The work of preaching the Word, presenting Christ crucified as the world's Redeemer, bears the divine credentials, and proof of its sacred character is given in the conversion of souls. It is not the large buildings erected for show that give character to the work, but the winning of souls to Christ. This seals the teacher as a living oracle, as Christ's apostle. This will demonstrate that the work we are doing is of God. “By their fruits,” Christ said, “ye shall know them.”

I will say to my brethren in _____, there has not been that wisdom and keen foresight used in dealing with the _____ family that there should have beenTrue,

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