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Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, Page 16

Chapter 5—To Superintendents and Teachers

How to Succeed

There is earnest work to be done in our Sabbath-schools, and those who have the management of these schools should seek to move with wisdom and tact. It is a nice and important work to deal with minds, to leave a right impression, to give the right mould to character. It is a wise educator who seeks to call out the ability and powers of the student, instead of constantly endeavoring to impart instruction.

At different times I have received letters of inquiry in regard to the duties of the Sabbath-school superintendent. One who felt grieved because he could not awaken a deeper interest on the part of teachers and scholars, said that he took much time in talking with them, explaining everything he thought essential for them to understand, and yet there seemed to be a great lack of interest. They were not moved religiously. I would here say to this honest brother, and to any others who may be laboring under similar difficulties, Examine to see if you are not responsible, in a great degree, for this lack of religious interest. Many try to do too much, and fail to encourage their teachers and students to do what they can. They need great simplicity and religious earnestness. They make long, dry speeches in the Sabbath-school and the teachers’ meeting, thus wearying the minds of both teachers and students. Such remarks are greatly out of place. They do not adapt their instruction to the real wants of the school, and they fail to draw hearts to them, for their own hearts are not

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