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Testimonies on Sabbath-School Work, Page 20

teach them how to pray. Let the heart be softened, and the petitions short and simple, but earnest. Let your words be few and well chosen; and let them learn from your lips and your example that the truth of God must be rooted in their hearts or they can not stand the test of temptation. We want to see whole classes of young people being converted to God, and growing up useful members of the church.—Sabbath-School Worker, October 1, 1885, Art. A, par. 8. TSS 19.2

Chapter 6—Sabbath-School Influences

The Sabbath-school should be one of the greatest instrumentalities, and the most effectual, in bringing souls to Christ. Our Sabbath-school workers need to be especially imbued with the Spirit of Christ. They can not be co-workers with Christ unless they have Him abiding in their hearts by faith.... The children need a more decided effort in regard to religious culture. The leading workers and the teachers should labor for perfect harmony. There should be cooperation on the part of parent, children, and teachers. Let every worker labor for wisdom and tact, that he may put forth that well-directed effort which God requires. We are to cultivate tact and sharp discernment, to be quick to see opportunities to do good, and to seize these opportunities and make the most of them. Teachers of the different classes should bring every child into their heart, and under their special watchcare. TSS 20.1

It is impossible to do this work for time and eternity unless the teacher has a close connection with God. Jesus has said, “Search the Scriptures, TSS 20.2

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