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From Trials to Triumph, Page 108

that it was his duty to give himself fully to the work of the ministry. He longed to share the apostle's labors. Silas, Paul's companion, was a tried worker, gifted with the spirit of prophecy; but the work was so great that there was need of more laborers. In Timothy Paul saw one who appreciated the sacredness of the work and was not appalled at the prospect of persecution. Yet the apostle did not venture to take Timothy, an untried youth, without fully satisfying himself in regard to his character and past life.

How Two Women Trained a Man of God

From a child Timothy had known the Scriptures. The faith of his mother and grandmother was a constant reminder of the blessing in doing God's will. The lessons he had received from them kept him pure in speech and unsullied by the evil influences which surrounded him. Thus his home instructors had cooperated with God in preparing him to bear burdens.

Paul saw that Timothy was steadfast, and he chose him as a companion in labor and travel. Those who had taught Timothy in childhood were rewarded by seeing him linked with the great apostle. Timothy was a mere youth, but he was fitted to take his place as Paul's helper. Though young, he bore his responsibilities with Christian meekness.

Paul wisely advised Timothy to be circumcised in order to remove from the minds of the Jews that which might be an objection to Timothy's ministry. If it should be known that one of his companions was uncircumcised, his work might be hindered by prejudice and bigotry. He desired to bring to his Jewish brethren, as well as to Gentiles, a knowledge of the gospel and sought to remove every pretext for opposition. Yet while he conceded this much to Jewish prejudice, he believed and taught circumcision or uncircumcision to be nothing, and the gospel of Christ everything.

Paul loved Timothy, “my own son in the faith.” 1 Timothy 1:2. As they traveled, he carefully taught

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