Ellen G. White Writings

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From Trials to Triumph, Page 30

church effective has upheld God's faithful children in every succeeding age. Through the Holy Spirit during the Dark Ages the Waldensian Christians helped prepare the way for the Reformation. The same power made successful the efforts of noble men and women who pioneered the way for modern missions and for the translation of the Bible into the languages of all nations. TT 29.5

And today the heralds of the cross are going from land to land, preparing the way for the second advent of Christ. God's law is being exalted. The Spirit is moving on men's hearts, and those who respond become witnesses for God's truth. Consecrated men and women communicate the light that has made plain the way of salvation through Christ. And as they continue to let their light shine, they receive still more of the Spirit's power. Thus the earth is to be lightened with the glory of God. TT 30.1

On the other hand, some are idly waiting for some spiritual refreshing by which their ability to enlighten others will be greatly increased. They allow their light to burn dim, while they look to a time when, without any effort on their part, they will be transformed and fitted for service. TT 30.2

The Early Rain and the Latter Rain

It is true that when God's work in the earth is closing, earnest efforts by consecrated believers are to be accompanied by special tokens of divine favor. Under the figure of the early and latter rains that fall in Eastern lands at seedtime and harvest, the prophets foretold the outpouring of the Spirit. The outpouring in the days of the apostles was the early, or former, rain, and glorious was the result. TT 30.3

But near the close of earth's harvest a special bestowal is promised to prepare the church for the coming of the Son of man. This outpouring is the latter rain, and for this added power Christians are to send their petitions to the Lord of the harvest “in the time of the TT 30.4

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