Ellen G. White Writings

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Temperance, Page 217

Section 11—Our Relationship to Other Temperance Groups

Chapter 1—Working Together

Stand Shoulder to Shoulder—In other churches there are Christians who are standing in defense of the principles of temperance. We should seek to come near to these workers and make a way for them to stand shoulder to shoulder with us. We should call upon great and good men to second our efforts to save that which is lost.—Testimonies for the Church 6:110, 111.

Unite When We Can—Whenever you can get an opportunity to unite with the temperance people, do so.—The Review and Herald, February 14, 1888.

In his labors, my husband, whenever he had opportunity, invited the workers in the temperance cause to his meetings, and gave them an opportunity to speak. And when invitations were given us to attend their gatherings, we always responded.—Letter 274, 1907.

Linking Only With Those Loyal to God—We are not to take our stand with temperance clubs composed of all classes of men, with all kinds of selfish indulgences and call them reformers. There is a higher standard for our people to rally under. We must as a people make a distinction between those who are loyal to the law of God, and those who are disloyal.—Letter 1, 1882.

A Sensible Attitude Toward Other Organizations—The

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