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Temperance, Page 237

of intemperance, crime, and death.—Testimonies for the Church 3:489. Te 236.7

Need of Men Like Daniel—There is need now of men like Daniel,—men who have the self-denial and the courage to be radical temperance reformers. Let every Christian see that his example and his influence are on the side of reform. Let ministers of the gospel be faithful in instructing and warning the people. And let all remember that our happiness in two worlds depends upon the right improvement of one.—The Signs of the Times, December 6, 1910. Te 237.1

Chapter 3—By Voice—a Part of Our Evangelistic Message

Present Temperance With Spiritual Truths—In connection with the presentation of spiritual truths, we should also present what the word of God says upon the questions of health and temperance. In every way possible, we must seek to bring souls under the convicting and converting power of God.—Letter 148, 1909. Te 237.2

I have heard some, when speaking in reference to temperance, say, “I have not time. I have so much to do in preaching here and there upon the third angel's message and the reasons of our faith, that I cannot take time to engage in the health and temperance work.” If these men would cut their sermons short about one third, the people would receive more benefit from them, and they would then have time to speak upon this question.—The Review and Herald, February 14, 1888. Te 237.3

Temperance and Salvation—As a people we have been given the work of making known the principles of health reform. There are some who think that the question of diet is not of sufficient importance to be included in their evangelistic work. But such make a great mistake. God's word declares: “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever Te 237.4

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