Ellen G. White Writings

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Temperance, Page 29

traffic, close the saloons, and give these maddened men a chance to think on eternal realities!—The Review and Herald, May 29, 1894.

Schools Could Have Been Established—Think of the money wasted in saloons, where men sell their reason for that which places them wholly under Satan's control. What a change there would be in society if this money were used to establish schools where children and youth would be given instruction in Bible lines, taught how to help their fellow beings, how to seek and save the lost!

There is a work to be done for all classes of society.... We are not to forget the ministers, lawyers, senators, judges, many of whom use strong drink and tobacco.... Ask them to give the money they would otherwise spend for the harmful indulgences of liquor and tobacco, to the establishment of institutions where children and youth can be prepared to fill positions of usefulness in the world.—Letter 25, 1902.

The Starving Might Be Fed—The cries of the starving millions in our world would soon be hushed if the money put into the tills of the liquor sellers were spent in alleviating the sufferings of humanity. But the evil is constantly increasing. The youth are being educated to love the vile stuff, and this is ruining them, soul and body. The work they might do in God's vineyard they refuse to do.—Manuscript 139, 1899.

Missions Might Have Been Established—Think of the thousands and millions of dollars that are invested in drink that will make a man like a brute, and destroy his reason.... All this money could accomplish untold good if it were used in the support of missions in the dark places of our world. God is being robbed of that which is rightfully His.—Manuscript 38a, 1905.

Publications Could Have Been Increased—When we obey the injunction of the apostle, “Whether therefore ye eat, or

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