Ellen G. White Writings

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Temperance, Page 7

Table of Contents

Section I—The Philosophy of Intemperance
   1. The Original Perfection of Man11
   2. The Inception of Intemperance12
   3. Impairment Through Indulged Appetite15
   4. Importance of Christ's Victory Over Appetite19
Section II—Alcohol and Society
   1. An Incentive to Crime23
   2. An Economic Problem27
   3. Alcohol and the Home30
   4. A Cause of Accidents34
   5. A Public Health Problem36
   6. Alcohol and Men in Responsible Positions43
Section III—Tobacco
   1. Effects of Tobacco Use55
   2. Tobacco's Polluting, Demoralizing Influence58
   3. Defiling the Temple of God62
   4. An Economic Waste66
   5. The Power of Example68
Section IV—Other Stimulants and Narcotics
   1. Abstain From Fleshly Lusts73
   2. Tea and Coffee75
   3. Drugs82
Section V—Milder Intoxicants
   1. Importance of Strictly Temperate Habits90
   2. Psychological Effects of Mild Intoxicants92
   3. The Intoxicating Effects of Wine and Cider94
   4. Wine in the Bible97
   5. Christians and the Production of Liquor-Making Products98
   6. Temperance and Total Abstinence101

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