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The Visions of Mrs. E.G. White, Page 107

well qualified to judge of the meaning of the original, is still more definite, and says:

“The two tables were probably designed to close together like the lids of a book and by their being written on both sides is meant that their right and left hand leaf or side, were each of them to be occupied with letters. - Note on Exodus 32:15.

On these authorities, we see that there is perfect harmony between the visions and the Bible on this point.


Sunday-keeping, according to her visions, is the mark of the beast, and yet she had visions while keeping Sunday, and was never informed while thus in communion with Heaven that she had the mark of the beast, nor that God was displeased with her therefor; and further, the first and second angels of Revelation 14, “had the mark of the beast; for they were Sunday-keepers. Would God send out two angels with the mark of the beast on them? Just think of two God-commissioned angels, doing the work of God, and all the while wearing the mark of the beast. Dare we charge all this against the God of Heaven, to make a sickly theory look plausible, and to prop up the visions of a modern prophetess?”

Thus reasons the objector; and no doubt to the uniformed it all looks very plausible, and will work admirably in stirring up prejudice strong and deep according to its evident design. The fault we find with it is, it is altogether founded in misrepresentation and falsehood; and could we satisfy that it was not done willfully, we

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