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Ellen White: Woman of Vision, Page 475

Chapter 34—A Momentous Year: Ballenger, Jones, Kellogg

The year 1905 was only one hour old when Ellen White rose on a Sunday morning and made her way to her writing room.

It is a cool morning. Built my fire. Bowed before the Lord in prayer. I have so many things burdening my mind. I ask the Lord Jesus to direct me, to guide me....

I need the Great Guide to control my mind.... Oh, how much I feel that I need the guidance of the Holy Spirit! (Manuscript 173, 1905).

It was to be a momentous year. At the very hour she was writing, a part of the Melrose Sanitarium in New England was being ravaged by fire. She would learn of this later, of course. Two new sanitariums in southern California, started in response to her urgent calls, were struggling to their feet, and she would soon call for a third. The denomination was in the throes of agony over the defection of Dr. John Harvey Kellogg and his associates. The growing work in the South faced many needs.

The General Conference session of 1905 was scheduled to open on May 11 in Washington, D.C. Ellen White was invited, but questioned whether she should attend. In her correspondence she intimated that she probably would not make the trip. The work on her books called for her attention, and she felt that she should stay by this. Yet, as the time for the session approached, she laid plans to go if it seemed her duty to do so.

Night after night in visions she seemed to be either speaking to large congregations or attending important committee meetings. She wrote of how she had had “presentations regarding the deceptions that Satan is bringing in at this time” (Letter 99, 1905).

Was she referring to the recent disclosure in correspondence that A. F. Ballenger, a worker in England, was teaching views on the sanctuary truth that would nullify the well-founded understanding of Christ's ministry in the heavenly sanctuary? Was it the intensification that was to come of the Kellogg views, which she once declared “virtually destroyed the Lord God Himself” (Letter 300, 1903)? Could it be the growing apostasy of A. T. Jones?

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