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Ellen White: Woman of Vision, Page 507

Chapter 36—The General Conference Session Of 1909

From an early date Ellen White seemed to be rather certain that she would attend the 1909 General Conference session to be held in Washington, D.C., May 13 to June 6. As early as September 1908 she wrote, “I expect to attend the next General Conference in Washington” (Letter 274, 1908). In November she was discussing the best route to take.”But,” she told Edson, “I dare not move in any action according to my own judgment.”

As the time approached she wrote Edson on March 30:

We have decided our family party—Sara McEnterfer, Minnie Hawkins, W.C.W., and your mother—will leave next Monday.... We must go to Los Angeles and direct from there to Paradise Valley, stay a couple of days and then visit Loma Linda, and then on to College View and then to Nashville. I think this is the route. Then to Washington (Letter 183, 1909).

My health is quite good. I am thankful that my lame hip is little trouble to me now. I have much to be thankful for that at my age—in my eighty-second year—I can be up (Ibid.).

As planned, the party from Elmshaven left home Monday morning, April 5, and reached Mountain View in the early afternoon. After resting in Elder Cottrell's home for a few hours, they continued to San Jose to catch the 5:10 p.m. train for Los Angeles, and then it was on to San Diego and Paradise Valley Sanitarium.

Tuesday morning the party was again on its way, this time bound for College View, Nebraska, over the Salt Lake City and Omaha Railroad (37 WCW, p. 953). There Mrs. White spoke twice Friday morning, first to the students and faculty of Union College and then a few minutes later to the children in the elementary school room nearby (Letter 88, 1909). The topic of the Sabbath morning sermon in the College View church, where she addressed 2,000 people, was “Individual Cooperation” (Manuscript 31, 1909). Then again on Sunday she delivered her sixth sermon of the trip to those who gathered in the

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