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Australasian Union Conference Record

September 1, 1899

True Education

“Teachers and students are constantly at work weaving the net of their eternal destiny. Every time the shuttle passes, it draws after it a thread which is fastened to right principles and holy actions, or the opposite. Students may have fastened to their threads that which is not profitable for their future life.”—Unpublished Testimony.

September 1, 1899

A Call for Labourers

“With God go over the ocean. Without Him, not over the threshold.”

“The great crisis is just before us. God is now restraining the forces of evil that the last warning may be given to the world. Now is the time to work. Many workers ought to be in the field. There should be one hundred where now there is only one. Many who have not been ordained or licensed may work in their own neighbourhood and in the regions about them.”

“We need as workers men and women who are imbued with the Spirit of Christ, who realize that they are united in church capacity, that they may use their influence and moral powers to save those who are without God and without hope in the world. We call upon every church member in the name of Christ to deny self, take up the cross, and follow Jesus... Christ supplies the efficiency, and man becomes a power for good. In Christ's name and strength we may do what we will.”

Extracts from a recent Testimony, “An Appeal for Missions,”

by Mrs. E. G. White.

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