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Atlantic Union Gleaner

June 17, 1903

An Appeal in Behalf of the Australasian Field

Our heavenly Father has mysteriously linked the members of his family together. While every man has his own burdens to bear, he is not to forget that by helping others, he helps himself. The opening words of Christ's sermon on the mount are an illustration of the principles laid down in his teaching. “Blessed are the poor in spirit,” he said; “for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” He came to our world to bless men and women by pointing out the path of self-denial. In his life he showed the power of self-sacrifice. In his work he has given us an example of what our work should be.

Whenever the Lord brings destitute fields to our notice, and gives us opportunity to help, we are never to neglect the opportunity. To respond to the frequent appeals for money, may necessitate much self-sacrifice on our part; but by practicing Christlike self-denial in order to help our fellow men, we give evidence to the world of the power of the truth to transform and sanctify the character and to cleanse the heart from selfishness.

A call now comes to us from Australasia. I am familiar with the needs of the work there. I am closely joined to that field by the most tender associations. By our experience while there, we know what it means to have a great work before us, and to be bound about for lack of means, while at the same time the word of the Lord is coming to us, saying, “Annex new territory; lift up my standard of truth in new fields.” In Australia we had not the facilities that we should have had to carry forward the work that the Lord directed us to do. Although some help came to us from America, an abundance of means was expended in the home field, while we were striving, studying, and praying, but bound about, unable to advance for lack of the money which we might have had, but which, instead of being sent to us, was used in America.

In their efforts to carry forward the work on solid lines and to enter new territory, our brethren and sisters in Australasia have made gifts and loans to the utmost of their ability. In times of great stress, the Lord has moved upon men and women both in Australasia and in America to acknowledge their stewardship by advancing means to help in establishing the institutions being built there. Those who have come to the help of the Lord in this way, have been laying up treasure beside the throne of God.

Notwithstanding the dearth of means, much has been accomplished by the laborers in Australasia. Stern battles have been fought. Nothing but the miracle-working power of God has accomplished the work that has been done. We saw his power as we advanced from point to point; and we praise him with heart and soul and voice. O how we appreciated the lovingkindness of our God as he led us on step by step!

Christ and his angels went before us. From the light given me by God, I know that he is still going before the workers in all parts of the field. He has been with those who have, with great self-sacrifice, built the Wahroonga Sanitarium, and opened up the health work in Sidney [Sydney]. He will reward those who have given freely of their means to establish memorials for him in that field. As I think of the poverty of the people there, and of the missionary work they have tried to do in addition to establishing the publishing house, the school, and the sanitarium, I look upon the whole experience as something remarkable. The work accomplished in Australasia is an object-lesson for all who enter new fields. Let all say, “See what the Lord hath wrought!”

The fact that something has already been done in Australasia, does not excuse us in America from extending a helping hand to that needy field at the present time. In every city and every suburb there remains a work to be done,—the work of presenting the last message of mercy to the many thousands still in ignorance of God's truth for this time.

Australasia is a divinely appointed center, from which the light of present truth is to radiate to many lands. There comes to us from far-off lands, the cry, “Come over and help us.” Some of these unentered, unenlightened fields are not too easily reached, and perhaps not so ready to receive the light, as the fields within our sight; but they must not be neglected. We are to push the triumphs of the cross. Our watchword is to be, Onward, ever onward. Our burden for the “regions beyond” can never be laid down until the whole earth shall be lightened with the glory of the Lord.

How can this great work be accomplished without men and means? We may pray that the Lord of the harvest shall send laborers into the field; we may sit down, and plan to proclaim the third angel's message to every nation, kindred, and tongue; but where are the faithful missionaries who will carry the glad tidings to the people? and how shall these missionaries be sustained?

God desires people to pray and to plan for the advancement of his work. But, like Cornelius, we are to unite praying with giving. Our prayers and our alms are to come up before God as a memorial. Faith without works is dead; and without a living faith it is impossible to please God. While we pray, we are to give all we possibly can, both of our labor and our means, for the fulfillment of our prayers. If we act out our faith, we shall not be forgotten by God. He marks every deed of love and self-denial. He will open ways whereby we may show our faith by our works.

The Lord desires us to be living channels of light. He has made it our privilege to cooperate with him as partners in his great firm, to act our part in promoting the prosperity of his cause. Let us work determinedly, with heart-willingness, with gladness of soul, in the spirit of humble obedience rendering back to God his own. We can pray with faith for God's power to be united with our efforts when we can come before him saying, “Of thine own we freely give thee.”

Our brethren and sisters may say: “We are being drawn upon continually for means. Will there be no end to these calls?” We hope not, so long as there are in our world souls perishing for the bread of life. Until you have done all that you can to save the lost, we ask you not to become weary of the Lord's repeated calls for means. Many have not yet done that which they might do, that which God will enable them to do if they will consecrate themselves unreservedly to him.

Brethren and sisters, the work in Australasia demands your help. Will you not give it? To those who have means that they are not putting to use for God, we appeal in Christ's name. May the Lord move upon your hearts by his Holy Spirit, giving you a desire to be his helping hand in returning to him his own. Arouse, and heed the call for help that comes from Australasia. Give all that you can, and the Lord will bless you in giving.

Mrs. E. G. White

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