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January 18, 1905

The Church and its Mission

No. 1

The mission of the church of Christ is to save perishing sinners. It is to make known the love of God to men, and to win them to Christ by the efficacy of that love. The truth for this time must be carried into the dark corners of the earth, and this work may begin at home.

The followers of Christ should not live selfish lives; but, imbued with the Spirit of Christ they should work in harmony with him.

God's Plan All Sufficient

He has given his people a plan for raising sums sufficient to make the enterprise self sustaining. God's plan in the tithing system is beautiful in its simplicity and equality. All may take hold of it in faith and courage, for it is of divine origin. In it are combined simplicity and utility, and it does not require depth of learning to understand and execute it.

All to Act a Part

All may feel that they can act a part in carrying forward the precious work of salvation. Every man, woman, and youth may become a treasurer for God; and there would be no want of means with which to carry forward the great work of sounding the last message of warning to the [world].

The treasury will be full if all adopt this system, and the contributors will be left none the poorer. Through every investment made they will become more wedded to the cause of present truth. They will be “laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life.”

No Empty Treasury

If the plan of systematic benevolence was adopted by every individual and fully carried out, there would be a constant supply in the treasury. The income would flow in like a steady stream constantly supplied by overflowing springs of benevolence. Alms-giving is a part of gospel religion.

Tithing Founded on Principle

The special system of tithing was founded upon a principle which is as enduring as the law of God. This system of tithing was a blessing to the Jews, else God would not have given it to them. So also will it be a blessing to those who carry it out to the end of time. Our heavenly Father did not originate the plan of systematic benevolence to enrich himself but to be a great blessing to man. He saw that this system of beneficence was just what man needed.

Its Effect on the Church

Those churches who are the most systematic and liberal in sustaining the cause of God are the most prosperous spiritually.

Priority of God's Claims

All should remember that God's claims upon us underlie every other claim. He gives to us bountifully, and the contract which he has made with man is that he is to return to him the tenth of his possessions. God graciously entrusts his stewards with his treasures, but he lays his hand upon the tenth, saying, “This is mine.” Just in proportion as God has given his property to man, so man is to pay a faithful tithe of all his substance. This distinct arrangement was made by Jesus Christ himself.

Eternal Results

This work involves solemn and eternal results, and it is too sacred to be left to human impulse. We should not feel free to deal with this matter as we may choose.

Reserve Fund

In answer to the claims of God, regular reserves should be set apart as sacred to his work. Besides the tithe God demands the first fruits of our increase as his. These he has reserved, in order that his work may be amply sustained, and that his servants may not be limited to a meager supply. The Lord's messenger's [messengers] should not be handicapped in their work of holding forth the word of life. As they teach the truth they should have means which they can invest for the advancement of the work which must be done at the right time, in order to have the best and most saving influence. Deeds of mercy must be done; the poor and suffering must be aided. Gifts and offerings should be appropriated for this purpose. Especially in new fields, where the standard of truth has never yet been uplifted, this work must be done.

Mrs. E. G. White.

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