Ellen G. White Writings

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The Indiana Reporter

April 13, 1904


Mrs. E. G. White

Canvasser-evangelists are needed to hunt and fish for souls. Canvassers can reach a class that can be reached in no other way. From family to family they carry the message of truth. Thus they come into close touch with the people, and find many opportunities to speak of the Savior. Let them sing and pray with those who become interested in the truths they present. Let them speak in families the word of life. They may expect success; for canvassers who go forth in the spirit of the Master have the companionship of heavenly angels.

The Cure For Despondency

As our people engage in earnest work for the Master, murmuring and complaints will cease. Many will be aroused from the despondency that is ruining them, body and soul. As they work for others, they will have much that is helpful to speak of when they assemble to worship God. The testimonies that they bear will not be dark and gloomy, but full of joy and courage. Instead of thinking and talking about the faults of their brethren and sisters, and about their own trials, they will think and talk of the love of Christ, and will strive earnestly to become more efficient workers for him.

Go To Work

If you have neglected the sowing time, if you have allowed God-given opportunities to pass unimproved, if you have given yourselves to self-pleasing, will you not now repent before it is forever too late, and strive to redeem the time? The obligation to use your talents in the Master's service rests heavily upon you. Come to the Lord, and make an entire surrender of all to him. You can not afford to lose one day. Take up your neglected work. Put away your querulous unbelief, your envy and evil thinking, and go to work in humble faith, with earnest prayer to the Lord to pardon you for your years of unconsecration. Ask him for help. If you seek him earnestly, with the whole heart, you will find him, and he will strengthen and bless you.

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