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Lake Union Herald

December 23, 1908

Extract from an Unpublished Testimony Written March 13, 1897


Through Jesus Christ, God has made every provision that His people may connect with divine agencies, and that these agencies may cooperate with human instrumentalities. They may reveal to a world that is dead in trespasses and sins, the power and sufficiency of Christ. They will present before the world another world of higher, holier laws than worldly-wise men can invent or earth obey, a purer happiness and joy than earth can give to its votaries, coming through a service that is independent of all human inventions.

Christ's church on earth is to resemble heaven, a temple built after the pattern of things shown in the holy mount. Man must give up his ideas, his plans, and devices, and let God work out His original intentions. The great Designer must not be impeded in His work by human wisdom. His work and purpose have not been understood. Through the miscalculations of man, the church today is so misshapen that it can not be accepted by the great Builder. Human counsel has been so abundant, that individual experience is rare. Men are placed where God should be. God's plans are turned aside, and men's measures brought in to fashion and mould. But the great and perfect Designer pronounces the work imperfect. The temple that He is building after the pattern of things in the heavens must have the exact proportions assigned it by the Architect, whose pattern is without a flaw. He has brought the golden measuring rod from heaven, and every worker is employed only as he works under His superintendence, and according to His plans.

There must be no human calculations. God will have as workers, only those who will be laborers together with Him, who will yoke up with Christ, and learn of Him meekness and lowliness of heart. His directions are,” Make everything according to the pattern shown thee in the mount.” Then a temple of heavenly design will be presented to the world, where the divine presence is manifested, and to which is affixed God's seal.

What has Jesus, the precious Saviour of the world done, that human, finite beings should put Him to open shame, and thus crucify Him afresh? Satan has remarkable power over all who open their hearts to temptation. But the mind, the character, the reason, belong to God. Christ is saying, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness, and all things shall be added unto you.” But you are saying, “I will not do as Christ has said. I will seek my own interest first; I want none of God's ways.”

While you thus co-operate with Satan, he walks by your side. He says, “Whatever may be true in regard to life eternal, in order to make a success of business, you must serve me. I hold your welfare in my hands. Riches, pleasure, honor, and happiness I can give you. If you will hearken only to my counsel, you will succeed. You can not be successful if you allow yourself to be carried away with any whimsical notions. I will prepare the way before you.” These are Satan's temptations. But will any turn away for this from God and heaven, thrusting eternity out of your reckoning, working like a slave in the service of Satan? Will it pay to do this?

Like Christ, every man has had offered to him the kingdoms of this world if he will acknowledge the supremacy of Satan. And how many are doing this before the universe of heavenly intelligences, before God their Creator, and Jesus Christ their Redeemer? But suppose all of Satan's alluring temptations were just as he presents them, will you, even if you knew that by assenting to them you would gain the whole world, be so infatuated, so bewitched as to sacrifice your hope of heaven, your spiritual and immortal interests for mere worldly advantages?

You have another life than that which you live in this world. You are to consider this, and live by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. Happiness and success are the prospects presented before you if you will work in Christ's lines. But how many are saying, “I will not accept the conditions. I will have my own way and will in the matter.” I warn you that if you keep on in this course, you will have all your own way with all it implies. This is nothing less than the loss of your soul. But for all who, for their Saviour's sake, will make any and every sacrifice, even to want, and hunger, and death, there awaits the crown of eternal life that Paul was seeking for, and an eternal weight of glory.

Then no longer neglect this great salvation, as many of us are most assuredly doing. Your salvation has been purchased by the Lord Jesus, in giving His life for you. It will be found that there are some things worse than temporal death. It is better for a soul to die, than to sin; better to be in poverty and suffer hunger than to do a dishonest action. Should your success be purchased at so fearful a price as surrender to the control of Satan, you will find perplexities and embarrassments you never dreamed of. His presentations of worldly attractions are as a deceitful mirage, terrible as his own character, fearful as hell.

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