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The Review and Herald

April 6, 1905

Notes of Travel—No. 7

A Visit to Redlands and Riverside

Mrs. E. G. White


Years ago many places in southern California were presented to me as very important fields, needing earnest labor. While at Redlands, I recognized it as one of these places. Light was given me that the unworked condition of the cities of southern California is a dishonor to those who know the truth. Recently Elder Simpson held tent-meetings in Redlands, as a result of which many new members were added to the church. For this we praise the Lord. But there is still much to be done in Redlands. We need now to put forth earnest efforts in the cities of southern California.

On reaching Redlands we learned that Brother J. A. Bowles had died a few days before. I felt so sorry to think that I could not meet him once more and have prayer with him. As we passed by his flourishing orange grove, we thought of the kindness he had so often shown in sending us presents of oranges. Brother Bowles was a sincere Christian, and ever showed a deep interest in the work and cause of God. He rejoiced greatly when he saw souls accepting the truth. He is resting now, till the last trump shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise to meet their Lord in the air.

An announcement had been sent out that on Sunday morning at eleven o'clock I would speak in our church at Riverside. Sister McEnterfer and I drove across with Brother Bowles's son and his wife. On the way we passed through miles and miles of orange groves. A wonderful work has been done in bringing water from the mountains and from wells, and irrigating the land so abundantly that it yields rich harvests of beautiful fruit.

On reaching the place of meeting, we found that here at Riverside, also, our people had recently built a beautiful house of worship. The church was well filled. Several not of our faith were present. I was able to speak for an hour, and all seemed interested.

For a year or two Dr. Leadsworth has been operating treatment rooms in Riverside; and at the close of the meeting, I went there to rest for a little while before taking the train for Redlands. Here we met Brother and Sister Towle, old friends from Maine.

On our way back to Redlands, as our train passed through miles of orange groves, I thought of the efforts that should be made in this beautiful valley to proclaim the truth for this time. I recognized this section of southern California as one of the places that had been presented to me with the word that it should have a fully equipped sanitarium.

Why have such fields as Redlands and Riverside been left almost unworked? As I looked from the car window, and saw the trees laden with fruit, I thought, Would not earnest, Christlike efforts have brought forth just as abundant a harvest in spiritual lines? In a few years these towns have been built up and developed, and as I looked upon their beauty and the fertility of the country surrounding them, there rose before me a vision of what the spiritual harvest might have been had earnest, Christlike efforts been put forth for the salvation of souls.

The Lord would have brave, earnest men and women take up his work in these places. The cause of God is to make more rapid advancement in southern California than it has in the past. Every year thousands of people visit southern California in search of health, and by various methods we should seek to reach them with the truth. They must hear the warning to prepare for the great day of the Lord, which is right upon us.

In his work, Christ met the people where they were. Much of his public labor was done in Capernaum, a great thoroughfare of travel. People from many lands passed through the city, or tarried for rest in their journeyings to and fro. Here Jesus could meet all nations and all ranks, the rich and the great as well as the poor and lowly, and his lessons would be carried to other countries and into many households. Investigation of the prophecies would thus be excited, attention would be directed to the Saviour, and his mission would be brought before the world.

We are called upon by God to present the truth for this time to those who year by year come to southern California from all parts of America. Workers who can speak to the multitudes are to be located where they can meet the people, and give them the warning message. Ministers and canvassers should be on the ground, watching their opportunity to present the truth and to hold meetings. Let them be quick to seize opportunities to place present truth before those who know it not. Let them give the message with clearness and power, that those who have ears to hear may hear.

I have longed to see men moved by the Holy Spirit meeting these people with the message borne by John the Baptist, “Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.... This is he that was spoken of by the prophet Esaias, saying, The voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make his paths straight.”

“Jerusalem, and all Judea, and all the region round about Jordan,” went out to hear John the Baptist, “and were baptized of him in Jordan, confessing their sins.” Just such a work as this can be done today in southern California.

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