Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 13 [Nos. 1000-1080], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation i
Table of Contents i
MR No. 1000—Counsel to a Man Who Handled Money Irresponsibly 1
MR No. 1001—The Necessity of a Close Walk with God 6
MR No. 1002—The Baker Letter 13
MR No. 1003—Christ Our Assurance 31
MR No. 1004—J. N. Andrews, a Gifted Worker 32
MR No. 1005—Returning from Australia to America 33
MR No. 1006—The Need for a Personal Religious Experience 34
MR No. 1007—Working Harmoniously with Others to Teach and Apply the Principles of Health Reform, Especially in Health-Care Institutions 37
MR No. 1008—A Call to Awake 44
MR No. 1009—Efforts to Restore Unity in the Post-1888 Era 49
MR No. 1010—Counsel to those in Authority 59
MR No. 1011—The Need for Home Religion; Responsibility to Aged Parents 74
MR No. 1012—Qualifications of Parents and Teachers; a Call to Leave Battle Creek 92
MR No. 1013—The Newcastle and Brighton Camp Meetings in New South Wales 105
MR No. 1014—Ellen White Comments on The Value of Organization by C. C. Crisler 111
MR No. 1015—Men and Women Physicians 113
MR No. 1016—Encouragement for a New Believer to Trust Christ and Believe the Testimonies 120
MR No. 1017—Treasure Hid in a Field 129
MR No. 1018—Lessons on Liberality in Leviticus and Deuteronomy 135
MR No. 1019—Counsels for Husbands and Wives; Also Guidelines for Students and Faculty in a School 137
MR No. 1020—Message to a Sinner: Look to Jesus, and Live! 148
MR No. 1021—The Holy Spirit Transforms the Total Person—Body, Mind, and Spirit 153
MR No. 1022—Ellen White Declines Offer of Financial Aid 157
MR No. 1023—A Warning Against Doctrinal Errors Issuing from Battle Creek; Counsel to Live Victoriously in the Home 159
MR No. 1024—An Invitation to Attend Meetings in Michigan 166
MR No. 1025—The Purpose of Our Sanitariums—to Heal Both Body and Soul; Counsel on the Cooranbong Food Factory 167
MR No. 1026—Physicians to Meet Both the Spiritual and Physical Needs of Patients; to Counsel with One Another and Work in Harmony 174
MR No. 1027—Words of Counsel Regarding the Management of the Work of God 179
MR No. 1028—A Call to Reconsecrate, Reorganize, and Advance 192
MR No. 1029—Words of Instruction on Administration and Medical Missionary Work 208
MR No. 1030—A Challenge to Consecrate, Decentralize, and Evangelize 215
MR No. 1031—The Same as Manuscript Release No. 716 225
MR No. 1032—Processed as Manuscript Release No. 1302 225
MR No. 1033—E. G. White Materials cited in “The Salamanca Vision”, by R. W. Olson 225
MR No. 1034—An Appeal to Help SDA Institutions in Europe 226
MR No. 1035—Giving to Enlarge God's Work; Concern for Sara McEnterfer's Eyes 230
MR No. 1036—Faithful Stewardship; Counsel Against Financial Speculation 232
MR No. 1037—Importance of Accepting and Applying God's Word; Christ's Mission, and His Method of Teaching 238
MR No. 1038—Look to God, not to Men 245
MR No. 1039—Workers to be United, Under Christ 247
MR No. 1040—Faithful Use of Assets to Advance God's Cause 251
MR No. 1041—Physical Exercise Essential for All Who Do Brain Work 254
MR No. 1042—E.G. White Materials Used in a Manuscript in Preparation for a Book on Marriage and Divorce 259
MR No. 1043—The Bible as Our Study Book 260
MR No. 1044—Deficiencies and Mistakes of Gospel Workers not to be Publicized 269
MR No. 1045—Use of the Tithe 281
MR No. 1046—Procedures Involved in Publishing 287
MR No. 1047—Church Leaders Must Practice the Truth 289
MR No. 1048—Church Leaders to Obey God's Word 291
MR No. 1049—Keeping the Sabbath Holy 292
MR No. 1050—Trust in God; Seek to Forget Marital Problems 296
MR No. 1051—Vision at Paris, Maine 299
MR No. 1052—Relation of Gospel Ministry to Medical Missionary Work 303
MR No. 1053—The Book of Revelation is Important Today 304
MR No. 1054—Need of Time for Rest and Prayer 305
MR No. 1055—Evangelism in Australia; the Importance of Church Buildings 307
MR No. 1056—Reveal Christ's Spirit while Defending Truth and Pointing Out Error 310
MR No. 1057—The Need to Stand Firmly, but Kindly, for Truth 318
MR No. 1058—How to Meet Temptation and Controversy; the Importance of Unity 323
MR No. 1059—E.G. White Materials Cited in a Research Paper by William Sands. Available From the Ellen G. White Estate Branch Office at Andrews University 328
MR No. 1060—Solemn Times Demand Unity and Consecration 329
MR No. 1061—Additional Light for God's People 334
MR No. 1062—Learning from Nature 335
MR No. 1063—Eat and Drink to the Glory of God 339
MR No. 1064—Counsel to J. N. Andrews 341
MR No. 1065—The Avondale Property Ideal for Cultivation and Education 348
MR No. 1066—Building God's House To Be Given First Consideration 355
MR No. 1067—Included in No. 1371 358
MR No. 1068—Representations of Heavenly Things To Be Elevating 359
MR No. 1069—E.G. White Materials Cited in The Early Years, by Arthur L. White 360
MR No. 1070—Relating to Trials and Suffering 361
MR No. 1071—Ellen White's Attitude Toward Dr. Kellogg in 1907 366
MR No. 1072—Principles of Healthful Living 371
MR No. 1073—Christ Assigns Each Disciple His Task; Workers Not to Enter Into Controversy With Opposers of Truth 373
MR No. 1074—J. H. Kellogg in Need of Conversion; God's Law the Standard of Righteousness 377
MR No. 1075—Needy Fields To Be Cultivated; Meetinghouses To Be Built 384
MR No. 1076—Efforts to Proclaim Present Truth To Be Increased 387
MR No. 1077—Urgency to Invest Funds for Extending God's Work 390
MR No. 1078—“Go Forward” 395
MR No. 1079—Youth, Parents, and Church Leaders Need Consecration and Divine Guidance; The Influence of Letters 400
MR No. 1080—The Importance of Houses of Worship 405