Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 16 [Nos. 1186-1235], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation 1
Table of Contents 1
MR No. 1186—Wrongdoing to be Condemned; Righteousness to be Exalted 1
MR No. 1187—The Power of Angels; Cooperate with Christ in Doing His Work 15
MR No. 1188—Establishing a School at San Fernando; the Value of a Soul; Christ's Object Lessons to Provide Funds for Schools 20
MR No. 1189—High Praise for Site of Melrose Sanitarium; Appeal for Funds for the Sanitarium 26
MR No. 1190—A Vision Received in Oswego, New York, January 26, 1850 30
MR No. 1191—The Church and the Gospel Commission 36
MR No. 1192—Progress of the Three Angels’ Messages in Cooranbong: The Helpful Medical Ministry of Sara McEnterfer 39
MR No. 1193—An Appeal To Be Faithful Stewards of Money and Other Talents; Also to Follow Christ in Humility and Self-Denial; A New Believer Faces a Crisis over Sabbathkeeping 45
MR No. 1194—The Value of Health Reform in Our Homes and Institutions 57
MR No. 1195—By Deeds of Mercy Christians are to be God's Helping Hands 68
MR No. 1196—Evangelism in Norwich, Connecticut, And Lynn, Massachusetts; Concern for Those Who Unsettle Faith in the Testimonies And Misinterpret the Scriptures 76
MR No. 1197—A Suggestion That Christ's Object Lessons be Used to Help Lift Debt from Schools; The Need for Improved Spirituality at Battle Creek; Christ's Humiliation in the Wilderness Temptation 84
MR No. 1198—The Teacher Sent from God 89
MR No. 1199—The Simplicity of Christ's Teaching 97
MR No. 1200—The Need for Love in the Church, and An Appeal to Heed the Message to the Laodiceans 100
MR No. 1201—Christ's Mission to Earth 115
MR No. 1202—Diary Fragments—July to October, 1907 126
MR No. 1203—SDA Institutions to be Staffed by Talented Workers Who are Seeking to Improve Themselves 136
MR No. 1204—The Church in the Home 143
MR No. 1205—Travels and Meetings in Oregon and Washington 149
MR No. 1206—Selection of the School Land at Cooranbong 152
MR No. 1207—Opponents to be Treated Courteously: Gifts From Men in High Places Not to be Refused 157
MR No. 1208—A Dream of Angels, God's People, and Salvation 171
MR No. 1209—Counsels to Our Colporteurs Regarding Carefulness in Diet (Cir. 1889) 173
MR No. 1210—Statement on the Day and Hour of Christ's Coming 174
MR No. 1211—Christ's Humiliation 180
MR No. 1212—Beginning the Work at Washington, D. C.; Counsel on Home Life 185
MR No. 1213—Each Follower of Christ is Called to Work; All are to Copy Christ, the Pattern; Harmony to Prevail 188
MR No. 1213a—E.G. White Material Appearing in A.T. Jones: From 1888 to Apostasy, by George Knight 205
MR No. 1214—To the Church in Brother Hastings’ House 206
MR No. 1215—Report on Meetings and Other Gospel Work in Oregon and the Washington Territory 210
MR No. 1216—Experience Following the 1888 Minneapolis Conference; The Danger of Legalism; Emphasizing Religious Liberty 212
MR No. 1217—A Message of Comfort, Pointing to Christ Our Righteousness 242
MR No. 1218—Counsel to Provide Adequate Facilities for Water Treatments; Eliminate Use of Poisonous Drugs; Reforms Needed 245
MR No. 1219—The Marketplace and Cathedral in Cologne 250
MR No. 1220—Holding Meetings in Cologne; Dogged by Illness 251
MR No. 1221—Counsel to Sow Seeds of Faith, not Seeds of Skepticism 254
MR No. 1222—The Wise and Unwise Use of Money 256
MR No. 1223—The Parable of the Ten Virgins 267
MR No. 1224—The Church is the Bride of Christ 277
MR No. 1225—Church Leaders to Respect One Another, and Work for Souls 278
MR No. 1226—Giving Exposure to Differing Doctrinal Viewpoints; Disapproval of D. M. Canright's Actions 281
MR No. 1227—The Use of Natural Remedies in the Treatment of Illnesses; Challenging the Church to Reach the Entire World with the Gospel 287
MR No. 1228—Dependence on God 295
MR No. 1229—An Appeal to a Self-Centered Wife to Repent and Reform 301
MR No. 1230—Cooperation with God and Fellow Workers Necessary for Success in Fulfilling Gospel Commission 316
MR No. 1231—The Vineyard 328
MR No. 1232—Health Teachings Not To Replace The Third Angel's Message 332
MR No. 1233—Earnest Labor to be Bestowed on the Erring 338
MR No. 1234—An Appeal to Evangelize the Iowa Conference 340
MR No. 1235—Processed as Manuscript Release No. 1253 349