Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 17 [Nos. 1236-1300], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation 1
Table of Contents 1
MR No. 1236—Testimony Concerning the Views of Prophecy Held by John Bell—Part I 1
MR No. 1237—Testimony Concerning the Views of Prophecy Held by John Bell—Part II 6
MR No. 1238—Comments on the Incarnation of Christ 24
MR No. 1239—True “Higher Education”; Appeal to Work the Cities; Wives to Receive Remuneration for Their Gospel Work 33
MR No. 1240—Week of Prayer in San Francisco; Visit to an SDA Vegetarian Restaurant 38
MR No. 1241—Week of Prayer in San Francisco; Experienced Ministers to Teach Younger Workers; the Importance of Character 47
MR No. 1242—Talented Speakers Needed for Camp Meetings; Business Men to Handle Financial Matters 50
MR No. 1243—Thoughts on Creation and Character Development; Counsel to Seek and Follow God's Guidance 57
MR No. 1244—A Night of Troubled Sleep; Talented People to be Educated for Missionary Work 61
MR No. 1245—The Southern Work; Ellen White Disturbed by Dissension in Councils and Camp Meetings; Study the Word, and Seek Christ 63
MR No. 1246—E.G. White Materials Used in a Paper Presented by R.W. Olson at the Centennial Commemoration of Ellen White's Visit to Europe, Published in Ellen G. White and Europe. On File at the White Estate 66
MR No. 1247—E.G. White Materials Used in a Paper Presented by G. Poublan at the Centennial Commemoration of Ellen White's Visit to Europe, Published in Ellen G. White and Europe. On File at the White Estate 66
MR No. 1248—E.G. White Material Cited in “The Humor of Ellen White” by Glen Baker, published in The Adventist Review, April 30, 1987 66
MR No. 1249—Counsel on Soul Winning; The Need to Crucify Self; The Importance of Character Development 67
MR No. 1250—Lessons From Sightseeing in Nimes; The Wilderness Temptations of Christ; Faithful Sabbathkeeping Enjoined 75
MR No. 1251—Complete Victory Possible Through Faith in Christ 83
MR No. 1252—Safety in Counseling Together 87
MR No. 1253—William Foy Lectures in Beethoven Hall 95
MR No. 1254—Included in Manuscript Release Nos. 1265 and 1266 97
MR No. 1255—Church Leaders to Set an Example of Christlikeness 98
MR No. 1256—Reproof for False Statements Regarding Promotion of EGW Books; Unfair Treatment of Publishing House Workers; God's Law to be Obeyed 107
MR No. 1257—Funds Needed to Establish Medical Institutions in Australia; Camp Meetings Planned 119
MR No. 1258—The Need for Church and Sanitarium Buildings 125
MR No. 1259—Earnest Effort Needed in the Cooranbong—Maitland—Newcastle Area 129
MR No. 1260—Evangelistic Successes in Newcastle and Brisbane; Cooranbong`s Need for a Hospital 133
MR No. 1261—High Standard of Purity and Holiness to Characterize Gospel Ministers 140
MR No. 1262—Counsel Regarding a Second Marriage 146
MR No. 1263—Testimony Regarding The Monterey, Michigan, Church 153
MR No. 1264—A Message to the Churches 162
MR No. 1265—Minds of Committee Members to be Worked by the Holy Spirit; The Marks of Christlikeness 166
MR No. 1266—Church Leaders to be Humble and Spirit-Filled; Board Members Not to Serve Indefinitely 170
MR No. 1267—Evil Counsels Followed at the Review and Herald and the General Conference 177
MR No. 1268—Wrong Principles Followed in Battle Creek; Moral Integrity to be Maintained by Each Individual 181
MR No. 1269—Every Person Has God-Given Talents Which Should Bear Fruit; Church Leaders Not to Exercise Absolute Control Over Others 196
MR No. 1270—The Work in England; Leaders to Walk With Fear and Trembling Before God, Leading People to the Cross and the True Shepherd 208
MR No. 1271—Concern Over the Leadership in Battle Creek; Plans for a Medical Institution In Cooranbong; Leaders to be Connected With God 216
MR No. 1272—Bible Principles to Govern SDA Institutions; Conscience Accountable to God Alone; Unconverted Men Controlling Councils and Boards 221
MR No. 1273—Satanic Publications in SDA Publishing Houses; Joshua, the High Priest, Being Accused 236
MR No. 1274—God Calls Upon Workers To Be Producers, Not Consumers; Medical Missionary Work To Be Pursued; Study the Word 244
MR No. 1275—Christ Understands Humanity's Need for Food; Health Food Business Has Potential for Helping God's Cause 252
MR No. 1276—Edson White and W. O. Palmer Not to Act Independently of the Conference in Establishing a Health Food Business 257
MR No. 1277—The Health Food Work in Sydney; Improvement in the Spiritual Climate of the St. Helena Sanitarium 259
MR No. 1278—Workers To Be Transformed by God and Reveal Christlike Tenderness 263
MR No. 1279—Conversations Between Ellen White, A. G. Daniells and Other Church Leaders Regarding the Work in Nashville 266
MR No. 1280—The Work in Nashville, Including the Health Food Business; Spiritual Interests To Be Paramount 276
MR No. 1281—Concern for the Wahroonga Sanitarium; The Purpose of Our Institutions; Leaders Should Be Chosen for Their Spirituality 280
MR No. 1282—An Appeal for a Leader to Repent and Reform 284
MR No. 1283—SDA's Not to Erect Mammoth Institutions; If Economy is Practiced, Needs of World Can be Met; Leaders to Have Upright Characters 286
MR No. 1284—Unity in God's Work; Personal Counsel on Diet and on Becoming Involved in the Health Food Work 289
MR No. 1285—The Role of Christ's Object Lessons; Concern Over Health Food Companies and Restaurants; Soul Winning to be Emphasized 294
MR No. 1286—W. O. Palmer and the Food Business in the South 298
MR No. 1287—Workers in Food Business to Emphasize Spiritual Values and Witnessing 300
MR No. 1288—Consultation Regarding the Work of G. C. Tenney; Prayer Offered for G. A. Anderson and Others 301
MR No. 1289—Non-Essential Subjects to be Avoided; Soul Winners to Educate and Use All Talents; Baptismal Candidates to be Fully Instructed 303
MR No. 1290—God's Counsel to be Sought Before Enlarging Buildings; Means Needed for Opening New Fields 308
MR No. 1291—Counsel Not to Overwork; Present Short Messages; Be Thoroughly Converted 310
MR No. 1292—The Importance of Philippians 2 and 3; God's Law To Be Proclaimed and Obeyed 316
MR No. 1293—A Report on Soul Winning Efforts, Office Matters, and Household and Family Items 323
MR No. 1294—Labors in Switzerland; Converts Must be Willing to Carry the Cross; Plans and Techniques for Evangelism 329
MR No. 1295—The Divine and Human Nature of Christ 336
MR No. 1296—The Evil of Gossiping About Fellow Church Members; The Importance of Pressing Together and Maintaining Unity 341
MR No. 1297—The Need to Review Sacred History; the Importance of the Sabbath; The Nearness of the End 344
MR No. 1298—E.G. White Materials Cited in “Dietary Advice and Practice of Adventists in the Nineteenth Century” by Ronald Graybill. Available from the General Conference Health and Temperance Department 347
MR No. 1299—Locating Sanitariums Away from the Cities; Health-Care Workers to be Deeply Spiritual 348
MR No. 1300—The Ellen G. White 1888 Materials, available at White Estate or Adventist Book Centers 362