Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 18 [Nos. 1301-1359], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation 1
Table of Contents 1
MR No. 1301—The Two Great Principles of the Law 1
MR No. 1302—A Vision Given in Oswego, New York 10
MR No. 1303—Heaven and Earth Are Closely Linked; Lessons From Daniel's Prayer Experience in Daniel 9, 10 14
MR No. 1304—Daniel and Revelation Have Been Unsealed, and Should Be Studied; Improved Experience Will Result 22
MR No. 1305—The Message in Revelation 26
MR No. 1306—Workers Not to Disparage One Another; to Set a Right Example; Health Reform Important; Counsel on Public Speaking 42
MR No. 1307—Talk Light, Not Darkness; Separate From Evildoers, and Do Not Strengthen Them 54
MR No. 1308—Christ is Coming Soon; Proclaim the Three Angel's Messages Do Not Sow Seeds of Discord 57
MR No. 1309—All Kinds of Workers Needed; Leaders To Be Understanding And Charitable Toward Fellow Workers; Women Workers To Be Paid 65
MR No. 1310—Christ and the Law 70
MR No. 1311—An Appeal To Be Converted Fully to Christ, Enjoy His Love, and Be a Help to Others 79
MR No. 1312—Miscellaneous Writings on Christ's Ministry, Health Reform, and the Christian Life 83
MR No. 1313—Thoughts About the Pre-Flood World, Christ's Love for Man, Fruit-Bearing, Peace, and Surrender to God's Will 92
MR No. 1314—Christ Our Example in Every Line of Work; Counsel on Medical Missionary Work 101
MR No. 1315—The Saviour's Characteristics 112
MR No. 1316—Words to Parents 118
MR No. 1317—The Home Life 121
MR No. 1318—Blessed Peace, But Not Healing, Received Through Season of Prayer 124
MR No. 1319—To God Be the Glory; Forsake All Idols 127
MR No. 1320—E.G. White Material Cited in “Ellen G. White and Picture Illustrations of? Heavenly Things?” by Merlin Burt. On File at the White Estate 132
MR No. 1321—God's Unchangeable Law 133
MR No. 1322—Fragments 137
MR No. 1323—Brief Writings on Short Scriptural Passages and Practical Christian Living 146
MR No. 1324—Speaking Appointments At Camby, Michigan; Transaction Involving Property 153
MR No. 1325—Perplexity Over Proposed Trip to Australia 155
MR No. 1326—Testimony to Battle Creek Church 156
MR No. 1327—The Formation of Character 162
MR No. 1328—Words of Counsel 168
MR No. 1329—Miscellaneous Diary Entries 174
MR No. 1330—The Need of Earnest Effort; Work the Cities; Heed the Message to Laodicea 185
MR No. 1331—The Sin of Evilspeaking; A Call to Sanctified Living 197
MR No. 1332—God's Church the Light of the World 208
MR No. 1333—Diary Fragment—February to May, 1902; The Spirit of Thanksgiving; Importance of Unity 211
MR No. 1334—Diary Selections—November, 1902; Evils in the Publishing House; Christians to Reflect Christ; Not to Speculate About God 217
MR No. 1335—God to Control His Heritage 223
MR No. 1336—Workers to be Educated in the School of Christ 227
MR No. 1337—To Our Churches in Oakland and Berkeley: An Appeal to Repent, Be Converted, and Reform 232
MR No. 1338—Reform Needed at St. Helena Health Retreat; Identify with Fellow Christians, not with Worldlings; an Appeal to Dr. Burke 237
MR No. 1339—All Gifts of the Spirit to be Utilized; Christians not to be Controlled by Feelings; Look to Jesus as Example 248
MR No. 1340—Living The Christ-Life Amid Corrupt Surroundings 254
MR No. 1341—The Dangers of Mind-Cure; Neither Husband nor Wife to Control the Mind of the Other; an Appeal for Conversion 263
MR No. 1342—Comments on EGW Staff, Also on O. A. Olsen; Counsel to Study Daniel and Revelation 274
MR No. 1343—Christians to be Sanctified, and Serve as Lights in a Dark World 276
MR No. 1344—Work Earnestly for the Unsaved 281
MR No. 1345—A Dream About W. C. White and J. H. Kellogg 286
MR No. 1346—Counsel to Physicians and Medical Students 288
MR No. 1347—Guidelines for Choosing a Life Companion; How to Have a Happy Marriage 303
MR No. 1348—Mistakes Made at Health Institution; No One is Without Failings; Christians are to Help One Another 321
MR No. 1349—A Perfect Saviour; God's Love for Us; A New Commandment; Working with the W.C.T.U.; The Opportunities of Youth; Developing True Christian Character; Rejection of Inspired Counsel; Resisting Temptation; Justice and Grace 331
MR No. 1350—God will Solve Crises When Men Do His Will; Church in a Backslidden Condition; Beldens on Norfolk Island 347
MR No. 1351—Counsel Not to Return to Husband, But to Work in a Sanitarium 350
MR No. 1352—No Safety in Eating Meat; Diseases Prevalent; Drawing Nigh to God 352
MR No. 1353—The Great Controversy; Satan's Rebellion in Heaven; Our Need for God's Spirit 358
MR No. 1354—Counsel Against Foolish Talking and Jesting; Christ our Example 368
MR No. 1355—Previously Unreleased Materials Cited by Bert Haloviak in His Paper “Longing for the Pastorate: Ministry in 19th Century Adventism.” On File at the White Estate 371
MR No. 1356—Does Sister White Work Miracles? 372
MR No. 1357—Longing for the Pastorate: Ministry in 19th Century Adventism 372
MR No. 1358—Speaking and Visiting the Sick in Boulder, Colorado, En route to Battle Creek 374
MR No. 1359—Christ Provided a Perfect Pattern for True Ministry 380