Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 19 [Nos. 1360-1419], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation 1
Table of Contents 1
MR No. 1360—Mutual Support Among Various Departments; Sale of Christ's Object Lessons for the Support of Our Schools 1
MR No. 1361—Testimony Regarding the Bourdeaus 5
MR No. 1362—Religion Needs To Be Connected with Business Affairs 16
MR No. 1363—Condescension of Jesus; Unity in Christ; Appeal for an Efficient, Well-Trained Ministry 19
MR No. 1364—Severe Reproof for Faultfinding Spirit and Carelessness in Dress 30
MR No. 1365—Consecration to Present Service to God 35
MR No. 1366—St. Helena Sanitarium and Other Institutions To Be Denominational; Medical Missionary Training Schools; Poisonous Drugs The Role of Miracles 38
MR No. 1367—Counsel Against Faultfinding, Ridiculing, Sneering at Women; Examine Yourself First 55
MR No. 1368—Encouragement in the Face of Disappointment and Depression 62
MR No. 1369—Unity in the Home and in the Church 67
MR No. 1370—Results of Studying Harmful Textbooks; Teach the Lessons Christ Taught 73
MR No. 1371—Pleasant California Weather; Personal Health Practices; Writing Spiritual Gifts, vol. 4; Keeping Cheerful in Trial 77
MR No. 1372—Parents to Exercise Loving Authority in the Home; Children to Seek and Follow Parents’ Counsel 81
MR No. 1373—Christians to Reflect Christ, Remaining Calm Under Provocation; Value the Souls for Whom Christ Died 88
MR No. 1374—Bear Witness to Christ Before the World; How to Conduct the Christian Warfare 101
MR No. 1375—Experience of Golden Calf an Example for God's People Today; Danger in Pleasure Seeking, Especially Among Youth; Development of a Christian Character 108
MR No. 1376—Encouragement to Work the Cities 123
MR No. 1377—Guidelines for Evangelism; No Theatrics; Health to be Preserved; Workers to Go Two by Two 125
MR No. 1378—Better Days Are Coming 128
MR No. 1379—An Early Vision; How To Be an Overcomer 129
MR No. 1380—Nearness to the End; Using Our Means for the Advancement of the Cause 133
MR No. 1381—The Evil of Selfishness; Harmony Possible Through Prayer and Focusing on the Cross of Christ 141
MR No. 1382—An Appeal to Dr. Lindsay to Visit Australia 144
MR No. 1383—Second Appeal to Dr. Lindsay to Come to Australia 145
MR No. 1384—Trust God, He Will Set Things Right; Problems in the Publishing Work; Blessings of God 146
MR No. 1385—Diary—The Canvassing Work 152
MR No. 1386—Genuine Medical Missionary Work; Cautions Regarding Financial Contracts 157
MR No. 1387—The Lot of God's People in a World of Sin; Peter's Denial and Jesus’ Trial; Satan's Confederacy of Evil Angels and Evil Men 162
MR No. 1388—Increase Your Talents; Render Service to God by Witnessing; Laodicean Condition of Church 171
MR No. 1389—As It Was in the Days of Noah 179
MR No. 1390—Letter to a Discouraged James White; Work in Washington, Iowa 185
MR No. 1391—A Call to Commitment in Youth 189
MR No. 1392—Enjoying the Washington Home 194
MR No. 1393—A. T. Jones Urged To Be Unselfish and Gentle 195
MR No. 1394—Be Meek and Kind to Critics, Not Avenging Oneself; Trust in God and Seek His Guidance, Intercession, and Approval 202
MR No. 1395—An Independent, Unsanctified Will; Modest Behavior Lacking in the Young 217
MR No. 1396—The Case of Hiram Rich 222
MR No. 1397—Guidelines for Praying for the Sick; Devise Ways to Aid Nature 225
MR No. 1398—Locate Sanitariums Outside Cities, With Ample Property; To Obtain Health, Exercise Body and Mind 229
MR No. 1399—Wake Up, and Live for Christ; Forgive, and Love One Another; Work Unitedly 233
MR No. 1400—Dated and Undated Diary Selections on a Wide Variety of Topics, Apparently Written in 1890 and 1891 239
MR No. 1401—Sacredness of the Law and the Sabbath; The Need for Obedience and Reformation 262
MR No. 1402—Marriage of W. C. White; Speaking and Writing in Tasmania; Jesus Our Example 267
MR No. 1403—Calamities and the Great Controversy 279
MR No. 1404—Breathing Tobacco-Poisoned Air While Traveling 283
MR No. 1405—Excerpts From Diary, July 6-31, 1892; Strong Expressions of Faith in Spite of Physical Trials 287
MR No. 1406—Counsel on the Importance of Making Every Aspect of the Sabbath School, Including Enactments, Count for Eternity 300
MR No. 1407—An Appeal to Exercise Faith, Obey Christ, and Grow in Spirituality 306
MR No. 1408—Conditions in Takoma Park and Battle Creek; God's People to Fulfill the Gospel Commission; Stand Apart From Those Who Undermine Present Truth 308
MR No. 1409—Jots and Tittles II 313
MR No. 1410—Do Not Establish Business Interests in Large Cities; Live Outside the Cities 333
MR No. 1411—The Ladder to Heaven 338
MR No. 1412—The Case of J. H. Kellogg; Christ, the Great Medical Missionary; Physicians to Labor as Christ Labored 356
MR No. 1413—Personal News; Love for James White, and Expressions of Strong Confidence in Him 366
MR No. 1414—Unity in the Church 370
MR No. 1415—Counsels Concerning Sanitarium Work; Importance of Personal Holiness 371
MR No. 1416—The Workings of Satan; Use of Tithe 376
MR No. 1417—Literature To Be Circulated Like Leaves of Autumn; “Exclusive” Principles To Be Eliminated 378
MR No. 1418—The Danger of Prosperity; Talents To Be Used for God; An Appeal for New Commitment to Christ 385
MR No. 1419—Satan the Author of Commercial Strife; Strange Occurrences Predicted 393