Ellen G. White Writings

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Notebook Leaflets from the Elmshaven Library, vol. 1, Table of Contents

Table of Contents iii
Chapter 1—The Loving Watchcare of Jesus*Portion of letter written February 18, 1904. 9
Chapter 2—Christ Holds Control 11
Chapter 3—Willing to Spend and Be Spent 13
Chapter 4—How to Deal With Error 15
Chapter 5—How to Be Preserved From Deceptive Influences 17
Chapter 6—By Faith See Jesus 19
Chapter 7—Unity and Devotion 21
Chapter 8—In Every Place 23
Chapter 9—Fortitude in Affliction 25
Chapter 10—Our Duty to the Missionary Work*A appeal written in 1886 from Basel, Switzerland. 27
Chapter 11—A Deeper Experience 31
Chapter 12—Examine Yourselves 33
Chapter 13—“No Other Gods Before Me” 37
Chapter 14—Be of Good Cheer*Words addressed to board of directors of the College of Medical Evangelists, Loma Linda, California, November 9, 1912. 39
Chapter 15—Good Angels More Powerful Than Evil 43
Chapter 16—Our Duty to Represent the Master*Portion of a Letter written from St. Helena, California, December 10, 1905. 45
Chapter 17—Babylon and the Remnant Church 49
Chapter 18—Restlessness and Accusation 53
Chapter 19—Apostasies 57
Chapter 20—The Pillars of Our Faith*Written on the train en route to Lynn, Massachusetts, December, 1890. 61
Chapter 21—Relation of Faith and Works 63
Chapter 22—Doubting the Testimonies*Extract from a sermon at the General Conference of 1883. 67
Chapter 23—What Are We Worth? 69
Chapter 24—An Earnest Appeal 73
Chapter 25—The Church School Question*An address given in the St. Helena Sanitarium (California) chapel, July 14, 1902. 77
Chapter 26—Appeal to Young Men*Written from Gisborne, New Zealand, October 28, 1893. 81
Chapter 27—Parents and Children*Remarks at the ministerial institute held in Los Angeles, Monday, March 18, 1912. 85
Chapter 28—A Work of Co-operation 89
Chapter 29—Home Training 93
Chapter 30—Useful Occupation Better Than Games*Portion of a letter addressed to a college student, written from Napier, New Zealand, October 2, 1893. 97
Chapter 31—Admonition Will Be Heard 101
Chapter 32—How to Present Truth 105
Chapter 33—Deeper Consecration 107
Chapter 34—The Teaching of Extreme Views 109
Chapter 35—Appeal to a Popular Evangelist 113
Chapter 36—Christ's Lifework and Ours 117
Chapter 37—The Attitude in Prayer 119
Chapter 38—Be Earnest and Steadfast 123
Chapter 39—Brace Your Souls for Action 125
Chapter 40—A Variety of Gifts 127
Chapter 41—A Perfect Service Required By God 131
Chapter 42—Give the Medical Missionary Work Its Place*Remarks of Mrs. E. G. White before the General Conference in Battle Creek, April 11, 1901, speaking to a resolution that made provision for the selection of six members of the General Conference Committee, especially to represent the medical missionary work. It will be noted by those familiar with the Testimonies on this subject that several striking sentences or paragraphs were published in later compiled articles. Considering the occasion, these remarks are of interest in their original setting. 135
Chapter 43—How to Open Closed Doors 139