Ellen G. White Writings

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Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, Table of Contents

Preface to Fourth Edition ii
Table of Contents 1
The Background Of Volume One 5
Chapter 1—My Childhood 9
Chapter 2—My Conversion 14
Chapter 3—Feelings of Despair 21
Chapter 4—Leaving the Methodist Church 35
Chapter 5—Opposition of Formal Brethren 44
Chapter 6—Advent Experience 48
Chapter 7—My First Vision 58
Chapter 8—Call to Travel 62
Chapter 9—Vision of the New Earth 67
Chapter 10—Withholding Reproof 71
Chapter 11—Marriage and Subsequent Labors 75
Chapter 12—Publishing and Traveling 87
Chapter 13—Removal to Michigan 97
Chapter 14—The Death of My Husband 105
Chapter 15—Thy Brother's Keeper 113
Chapter 16—Time to Begin the Sabbath 116
Chapter 17—Opposers of the Truth 116
Chapter 18—Parental Responsibility 118
Chapter 19—Faith in God 120
Chapter 20—The “Messenger” Party 122
Chapter 21—Prepare to Meet the Lord 123
Chapter 22—The Two Ways 127
Chapter 23—Conformity to the World 131
Chapter 24—Wives of Ministers 137
Chapter 25—Be Zealous and Repent 141
Chapter 26—The East and the West 146
Chapter 27—Young Sabbathkeepers 154
Chapter 28—Church Trials 164
Chapter 29—“Take Heed” 168
Chapter 30—The Rich Young Man 170
Chapter 31—The Privilege and Duty of the Church 178
Chapter 32—The Shaking 179
Chapter 33—The Laodicean Church 185
Chapter 34—Houses of Worship 196
Chapter 35—Lessons from the Parables 197
Chapter 36—Surety for Unbelievers 200
Chapter 37—Oath Taking 201
Chapter 38—Errors in Diet 204
Chapter 39—Slackness Reproved 210
Chapter 40—Duty to Children 216
Chapter 41—Systematic Benevolence 220
Chapter 42—Our Denominational Name 223
Chapter 43—The Poor 224
Chapter 44—Speculations 225
Chapter 45—A Dishonest Steward 227
Chapter 46—Fanaticism in Wisconsin 228
Chapter 47—Concealing Reproofs 233
Chapter 48—The Cause in Ohio 234
Chapter 49—Entire Consecration 240
Chapter 50—Personal Experience 244
Chapter 51—The Cause in the West 250
Chapter 52—A Question Answered 251
Chapter 53—The North and the South 253
Chapter 54—Great Distress Coming 260
Chapter 55—Slavery and the War 264
Chapter 56—Perilous Times 268
Chapter 57—Organization 270
Chapter 58—Duty to the Poor 272
Chapter 59—Power of Example 274
Chapter 60—Consecration 287
Chapter 61—Philosophy and Vain Deceit 290
Chapter 62—Family Religion 303
Chapter 63—Jealousy and Faultfinding 311
Chapter 64—Unity of Faith 323
Chapter 65—Northern Wisconsin 326
Chapter 66—The Power of Satan 341
Chapter 67—The Two Crowns 347
Chapter 68—The Future 353
Chapter 69—The Rebellion 355
Chapter 70—Dangers and Duty of Ministers 368
Chapter 71—Wrong Use of the Visions 382
Chapter 72—Parents and Children 384
Chapter 73—Labor in the East 389
Chapter 74—Dangers of the Young 390
Chapter 75—Walk in the Light 405
Chapter 76—The Cause in the East 409
Chapter 77—The Prayer of David 422
Chapter 78—Extremes in Dress 424
Chapter 79—Communications to Elder Hull 426
Chapter 80—Unconsecrated Ministers 438
Chapter 81—The Minister's Wife 449
Chapter 82—Patent Rights 455
Chapter 83—Reform in Dress 456
Chapter 84—Our Ministers 466
Chapter 85—The Health Reform 485
Chapter 86—Address to the Young 496
Chapter 87—Recreation for Christians 514
Chapter 88—The Reform Dress 521
Chapter 89—Surmisings About Battle Creek 526
Chapter 90—Shifting Responsibilities 528
Chapter 91—Proper Observance of the Sabbath 531
Chapter 92—Political Sentiments 533
Chapter 93—Usury 534
Chapter 94—Deceitfulness of Riches 536
Chapter 95—Obedience to the Truth 543
Chapter 96—Life Insurance 549
Chapter 97—Circulate the Publications 551
Chapter 98—The “Health Reformer” 552
Chapter 99—The Health Institute 553
Chapter 100—Health and Religion 564
Chapter 101—Work and Amusements 567
Introduction 569
Chapter 102—Sketch of Experience 570
Chapter 103—Laborers in the Office 585
Chapter 104—Conflicts and Victory 592
Chapter 105—Response From Battle Creek Church 609
Chapter 106—Cutting and Slashing 612
Chapter 107—Danger of Self-Confidence 621
Chapter 108—Be Not Deceived 628
Chapter 109—Publishing Personal Testimonies 630
Chapter 110—The Health Institute 633
Chapter 111—Sketch of Experience 643
Chapter 112—Ministers, Order, and Organization 645
Chapter 113—Further Labors 653
Chapter 114—The Case of Hannah More 666
Chapter 115—Healthful Cookery 680
Chapter 116—Books and Tracts 687
Chapter 117—The Christian's Watchword 690
Chapter 118—Sympathy at Home 694
Chapter 119—The Husband's Position 707
Appendix 713