Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 20 [Nos. 1420-1500], Table of Contents

A Word of Explanation 1
Table of Contents 1
MR No. 1420—Health Reform Principles 1
MR No. 1421—Soul Winning In Maitland; The Privilege Of Prayer 10
MR No. 1422—Christ Our Example; Endure Trials Courageously 12
MR No. 1423—The Law Of God 14
MR No. 1424—Wrong Use of Writings Protested 16
MR No. 1425—Errors and Dangers of Prescott and Daniells; The Cities to Be Worked 17
MR No. 1426—Ellen White Acknowledges Her Imperfection 23
MR No. 1427—Reflections While Crossing the Pacific 24
MR No. 1428—Early Days at the Sydney Hospital; Cautions on Drug Medication 35
MR No. 1429—Medical Missionary Work at Cooranbong 37
MR No. 1430—The Persisting Dark Influence of Spiritualism 39
MR No. 1431—Knowledge, Spurious and Genuine 40
MR No. 1432—Reflections After First Tour of Scandinavia 45
MR No. 1433—Inadequate Royalties on Spirit of Prophecy, Vol. 4 48
MR No. 1434—The Evil Heritage Received From a Drunken Father 51
MR No. 1435—Unwise Remarriage Would Destroy Children's Respect 59
MR No. 1436—The High Honor of Being a Child of God 61
MR No. 1437—Preach The Word 64
MR No. 1438—Choose Associates of Good Character; Jesus Our Example in All Things 70
MR No. 1439—Material appearing in Barry Oliver's dissertation, “Principles for Reorganization of the Seventh-day Adventist Administrative Structure, 1888-1903: Implications for an International Church.” Andrews University, January, 1989 74
MR No. 1440—Look Constantly to Jesus; Follow His Example; Reflect His Character; Work in His Lines 75
MR No. 1441—The Effects of Intemperance; Advancing the Cause of Temperance 80
MR No. 1442—Some Leaders Show Unsympathetic Attitude Toward Workers in the South; Humility and the Holy Spirit Needed 85
MR No. 1443—Reflect Christ, the True Light; Lay Up Treasure in Heaven 87
MR No. 1444—Rebuke for Self-seeking and Self-exaltation; Warning Against Criticizing Church Leaders 93
MR No. 1445—The Work and Workers at Madison Commended; Soliciting Finances Not to Be Restricted 99
MR No. 1446—Seek God's Will; Distrust Self; Adopt Health Principles; Follow Christ in Self-denial and Sacrifice 104
MR No. 1447—St. Helena Rural Health Retreat Not To Be Closed; Divine Counsel To Be Sought and Followed 119
MR No. 1448—A Call to Service 123
MR No. 1449—Intelligent Labor 132
MR No. 1450—Help of C. C. Crisler Needed; Ellen White Exhausted and Heavily Burdened; Counsel Regarding “Irregular Lines” 140
MR No. 1451—A Visit to Monterey; Advice on Family Matters 145
MR No. 1452—Judas, the Self-centered, Unconverted Disciple 146
MR No. 1453—Be Steadfast Unto the End 150
MR No. 1454—Spiritual Knowledge to Be Obtained Through Christ and Nature; Many Jewish People to Receive Christ 152
MR No. 1455—Education of Youth and Women Needed; Moving Discreetly 156
MR No. 1456—Importance of Observing Nature's Laws; Meeting With N. D. Faulkhead 158
MR No. 1457—N. D. Faulkhead's Break With the Masons; Need for a House of Worship in Melbourne 164
MR No. 1458—N. D. Faulkhead's Conversion and Business Ability 167
MR No. 1459—Raising the Standard of Piety Higher 170
MR No. 1460—How the Leaven of Evil Works 175
MR No. 1461—The Necessity of Studying the Word 178
MR No. 1462—Material used by Milton Hook in a history concerning the South Pacific Division. Available in pamphlet form from the South Pacific Division 181
MR No. 1463—The Need for Christ's Spirit in Our College; Teachers to Reflect Christ 182
MR No. 1464—The Work in Mount Vincent and Hamilton; Joshua, the High Priest, Represents the Church 188
MR No. 1465—True “Higher Education” Is Obtainable Only From the Master Teacher 194
MR No. 1466—Activities During James White's Convalescence 204
MR No. 1467—Camping and Traveling in the Colorado Mountains 205
MR No. 1468—A Report on the Australian School; Building W.C. White's Home; Trusting and Praising God 213
MR No. 1469—Older Workers to Be Honored and Conserve Their Strength; God's Law on Tables of Stone in Ark of the Testament 219
MR No. 1470—Doctrines to Be Investigated; Unity to Be Sought 223
MR No. 1471—The Fallacy of Thinking Human Ideas and Positions Are Infallible and Unchangeable 224
MR No. 1472—Construction Progress at Avondale; Counsel to Edson: The Work of Elder Haskell; The Burden of False Brethren 228
MR No. 1473—Trust in God and Follow His Counsel 238
MR No. 1474—Christ's Manner of Teaching 241
MR No. 1475—Guidelines for Adventist Sanitariums; Physicians to Set Example as True Christians, and Point Patients to Christ 249
MR No. 1476—Providential Events in Acquiring and Opening New Sanitariums; Purpose of These Institutions; How Physicians in Private Practice Should Relate to Them 256
MR No. 1477—The Medical Missionary Work 264
MR No. 1478—The Need for Simplicity and Consecration in School Work 268
MR No. 1479—Diary Entries, 1902; Comments on Prayer and Trust in God 271
MR No. 1480—The Importance of Parents’ Work 275
MR No. 1481—Practical Counsel on Home Treatments 278
MR No. 1482—Appeal for Complete Consecration, Including Breaking With Secret Societies 282
MR No. 1483—Observations on People and Scenery While Traveling 291
MR No. 1484—The Bible as the Only Foundation of Our Faith 307
MR No. 1485—School to Start Small; Have Faith; Do Not Overwork 310
MR No. 1486—The Danger of Rejecting Light 315
MR No. 1487—Privileges and Responsibilities of Christians; Depend on Holy Spirit, Not Self 323
MR No. 1488—The Importance of Medical Missionary Work; Health Reform to Be Practiced 326
MR No. 1489—Speaking at Camp Meeting; Counsel for Achieving Happiness in Marriage 331
MR No. 1490—Minds to Be Spiritual, Not Carnal: The Cross to Be Central in Preaching; Fanaticism and Trivial Ideas to Be Avoided 335
MR No. 1491—Guidelines for Success as a Minister or Physician 341
MR No. 1492—Danger of False Science; Dr. Kellogg in Spiritual Peril; Warning Not to Follow His Example 346
MR No. 1493—A. T. Jones in Need of Conversion; Health Reform to Be Taught and Practiced at Camp Meeting 352
MR No. 1494—Ministering in Washington and Oregon; Deep Movings of the Holy Spirit 356
MR No. 1495—Answering Christ's Prayer for Our Sanctification 361
MR No. 1496—Reviewing Conditions at the St. Helena Health Retreat; Avoid Independent Judgment and Action; Be Faithful in Tithes and Offerings 363
MR No. 1497—Conditions at St. Helena Health Retreat; Tension Between Doctors; Use of Drugs; Indiscreet Actions of Superintendent 373
MR No. 1498—State of the Work in Ohio; General Conference to Establish and Control Medical Institutions; Physicians to Be Models of Morality 378
MR No. 1499—Support Urged for St. Helena Health Retreat; Drug Use Condemned 391
MR No. 1500—The Needs of the Southern Field 395