Ellen G. White Writings

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Manuscript Releases, vol. 2 [Nos. 97-161], Table of Contents

Table of Contents 1
Preface 1
MR No. 97—Simplicity in Dress 1
MR No. 98—Adapting EGW Material for General Use; Uriah Smith Repents; Mistakes of SDA Pioneers Not To Be Publicized 5
MR No. 99—The Importance, Work, and Influence of the Holy Spirit; The Third Angel's Message To Be Proclaimed; Comments on the Avondale Property 9
MR No. 100—God's Work and Institutions in Washington, D. C. Not To Be Controlled by Battle Creek 49
MR No. 101—1888 Re-Examined 55
MR No. 102—Final Message To Go Everywhere With Power 58
MR No. 103—Ordinance of Humility Important 59
MR No. 104—Additional Material for Chapter 42 of 2SM 61
MR No. 105—Statement Regarding Experience in Canvassing As An Absolute Prerequisite for the Ministry 62
MR No. 106—EGW Materials on Southern Work and Oakwood College 64
MR No. 107—Rejecting the Testimonies; Sanctified Leaders Needed 87
MR No. 108—How To Study the Bible 89
MR No. 109—Items Relating To Tithe; EGW Careful to Avoid Human Influences 99
MR No. 110—Health Reform To Be Introduced Carefully 103
MR No. 111—The Grace of Courtesy 108
MR No. 112—The Third European Council 112
MR No. 113—Not Processed 144
MR No. 114—Child Rearing; The Takoma Park Site; Who Will Qualify For Salvation; Fate of Deceased Children of Unbelieving Parents 145
MR No. 115—Materials Appearing in Horace Shaw's Dissertation 149
MR No. 116—Ellen White Sent To Australia 150
MR No. 117—Ellen White's Statements Misunderstood and Misused; She Desired to Speak as the Spirit Directed 151
MR No. 118—Material Appearing in MV Kit 154
MR No. 119—Ellen White Unable to Sleep; God Sustained Her, Helping Her Find Proper Words When Writing 156
MR No. 120—Not Processed 157
MR No. 121—Counsels on Independent Action 158
MR No. 122—Christ To Be Supreme; Counsel on Camp Meetings 161
MR No. 122A—Living Arrangements At Cooranbong; Matters of Personal Concern, Including Finances 170
MR No. 123—Our High Calling 176
MR No. 124—Testimonies to Southern Africa 176
MR No. 125—Not Processed 176
MR No. 126—Not Processed 176
MR No. 127—Miscellaneous Manuscript Items 177
MR No. 128—Not Processed 178
MR No. 129—Counsel Regarding Labor Unions 179
MR No. 130—Church Members Draw Nourishment From Above 180
MR No. 131—The Gospel and Health Reform 181
MR No. 132—Christ's Righteousness Imputed to God's Children 184
MR No. 133—Used in Thirteen Crisis Years 184
MR No. 134—Used in Thirteen Crisis Years 184
MR No. 135—Not Processed 184
MR No. 136—Maintain Unity; Hold Fast To The Truth; Not All To Prophecy; Study the Testimonies 185
MR No. 137—How To Relate To Civil Authorities, Especially in Regard to the Sabbath 193
MR No. 138—The Election of the General Conference President 199
MR No. 139—Materials Requested by the Pacific Press for Use in the M. L. Neff Manuscript, For God and C.M.E. 201
MR No. 140—Prayers For Descent of Holy Spirit Not Lost 206
MR No. 141—A Vivid View of Future Events 207
MR No. 142—The Nature and Purpose of Adventist Schools 211
MR No. 143—Counsel on Food, Manual Labor, and Voice Culture in SDA Schools 217
MR No. 144—As the End Draws Near 225
MR No. 145—Enacted Scenes 235
MR No. 146—Guidelines for Medical Missionary and Health Food Work 239
MR No. 147—Literary Societies; Theatrical Performances 244
MR No. 148—Have Courage in Christ, and Give Thanks 248
MR No. 149—A Visit by a Heavenly Watcher 256
MR No. 150—A Visit to Tasmania 257
MR No. 151—Messages Regarding the Lodi School 286
MR No. 152—That I May Know Him 298
MR No. 153—Statement Concerning Slavery 299
MR No. 154—The Purpose of True Education; The Inspiring Geology of Europe; Martyrs To Be Resurrected 301
MR No. 155—Proposals For Privately-Published, Inexpensive Editions of Education and Early Writings 310
MR No. 156—On Renting SDA Churches; Guidance in Writing; Daniel's Character Revealed; the Sanctuary and the Ark 318
MR No. 157—Not Processed 321
MR No. 158—EGW's Visit to Sands (Stanley), Va., November 5-11, 1890 322
MR No. 159—Unity of the Spirit; Build Carefully on the Rock; Christ Our Helper in Time of Temptation 333
MR No. 160—Christ's Presence Felt at Foot-Washing Ceremony 346
MR No. 161—Holy People Do Not Claim To Be Sinless 348